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Innovative Health Initiative (IHI) calls for 2023 – future opportunities

“Transforming Healthcare by bringing together diverse sectors” is the key challenge that the Innovative Health Initiative (IHI) aims to address to build a strong society. Digital technologies in mental health care, advanced therapies for rare diseases, and improving hospital care are among the topics underlined in for IHI’s forthcoming calls in 2023. As the healthcare systems are under more pressure than ever and many diseases still lack effective treatments, there is an urgent need for more innovative and integrated approaches.

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REPowerEU to significantly accelerate clean energy transition in Europe

In late spring 2022, the European Commission presented the REPowerEU to accelerate clean energy transition and increase Europe’s strategic autonomy in energy as a response for Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. In short, the plan proposes actions to save energy, produce European clean energy and diversify EU’s energy supplies. With Member States having agreed on their position, the plan takes a major step forward towards its approval and implementation.

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Spinverse helped secure grant funding of 1.15 M€ for AGRIVI’s AI-driven technology to protect crops and comply with food safety

AGRIVI is an AgriTech company from Croatia, whose approach to solving the global food problem is through the digitalization of agriculture. The company was recently awarded by the European Innovation Council (EIC) with a grant of 1.15 M€, which will help them build an AI-driven agronomic adviser to support farms in meeting the EU compliance requirements for crop protection and food safety. Spinverse funding experts successfully supported the company in the highly competitive funding application process.

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CH-Bioforce to receive up to 15 M€ from European Innovation Council for building a new biomass processing plant

CH-Bioforce is a Finnish start-up known for one of the world's leading technologies to gently extract all the main components of biomass in one process. As the end result are pure biomaterials that provide new alternatives as sustainable feedstocks for industries developing for example chemical, textile and packaging applications. In summer 2022 CH-Bioforce secured a significant funding decision of up to 15 M€ from the EIC Accelerator to build a biomass processing plant in Raisio in 2024. Spinverse supported the company in their successful funding application process.

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Spinverse supported Patria-led European Defence Fund consortium in securing close to 100 M€ for future ground combat capabilities

The European defence industry consortium FAMOUS2 led by Patria and consisting of leading defence companies from nine European countries, has been selected by the European Commission (EC) to receive almost 95 M€ in funding from the first European Defence Fund (EDF) work programme worth a total of 1.2 B€. Spinverse helped plan and prepare the successful proposal and will support Patria in the project’s day-to-day management.

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Europe makes health a top priority through four main funding programmes

Several European programmes are implementing EU’s political priorities in the health area. With the new EU multiannual financial framework 2021-2027 and COVID-19 pandemic, the budget and programmes focusing on Health have evolved significantly. The four main opportunities in the area of Health are found under Horizon Europe, Innovative Health Initiative, the new post-COVID EU4Health programme and Digital Europe. Find here a summary of the main funding opportunities and upcoming calls for research organisations and companies developing innovations and solutions for the health sector.

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Spinverse supported Robocoast to become European Digital Innovation Hub and secure Digital Europe funding

The European Commission selected Robocoast as a European Digital Innovation Hub (EDIH) among the total of four EDIHs in Finland. The EDIHs will support activities to advance the digitalization of industry across different regions in Finland and Europe. Robocoast provides key competencies in cybersecurity, robotics, energy technologies, artificial intelligence, data analytics, 5G and IoT through 15 Finnish universities and two regional development companies. Spinverse supported Robocoast in the highly competitive application process and project building. The project has an overall budget of 3 M€.

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Spinverse helped Lignin Industries secure 4.4 M€ from Innovation Fund to expand their production of bio-based materials

Lignin Industries from Sweden converts lignin so it can be blended with virgin and recycled thermoplastics to create new types of bioplastics. Lignin Industries recently secured 4.4. M€ funding from the EU Innovation Fund to help them financing the expansion of the first-of-its-kind large-scale production site located in Sweden. Lignin Industries secured their success in the highly competitive application process with support from Spinverse funding experts.

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