Six important questions to ask when planning to apply for public funding

So, you have been brewing a great project idea and planning to apply for EU funding for it? Have you already taken a close look at all the angles to ensure you are on the right track when preparing for your project proposal? Read our expert tips! 

Each funding instrument by the European Union has its own special characteristics and it is very important to carefully read the provided communications and call texts to identify the right funding for your project. Based on the call text, there are some considerations to take into account when planning for a project and, eventually, submitting a project proposal. Here is some food for thought which applies for example to the currently open call by Circular Bio-based Europe Joint Undertaking with submission deadline in mid-September. 

  1. Does my project proposal carry European-level relevance and impact? Is your project of European interest? If it has too much of a national focus, you might want to apply for national funding instead.
  2. Is my technology at the required TRL (technology readiness level)? Does the current status of your innovation match with the stated start and end TRL level requirements?
  3. Can your project proposal meet all the requirements and the scope of the funding call? Do your homework on the call text and ensure that you can fully match the call scope and requirements. You do not need to meet the requirements alone, but your consortium needs to meet those together.
  4. Where is the innovation in your project proposal in comparison with existing solutions? Can you truly go beyond the state-of-the-art? Is your solution or project truly innovative – does it bring something new compared to what has already been done?
  5. Is your company among the best in Europe to solve the challenge you address in your project proposal? Review the expertise at hand: do you and your partners have the right and sufficient expertise to solve the challenge central to your project?
  6. Is your project of strategic interest to your company? Is your project strategically important to you to justify the efforts that need to be put into it?

If you feel uncertain of your project idea, why not contact Spinverse funding experts who can help you crystallise your project idea, identify the right funding call and partners for your project, and, subsequently, support you with your funding application process! Get in touch with us today.

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