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Spinverse delivers Helsinki-Uusimaa RDI roadmap outlining the region's steps to become forerunner in innovation

Helsinki-Uusimaa region aims to become Europe's most innovative region by 2030 and ramp up RDI investments to five percent of the region's GDP. The roadmap defines the region's strengths and ways to promote research, development and innovation (RDI) activities through leading clusters and expertise. The roadmap work led by Spinverse in collaboration with MDI provides concrete ways to increase EU-level RDI activities in Helsinki-Uusimaa. 

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Far North Fiber Europe 1: Pioneering connectivity across the North-West passage

Now that secure digital infrastructure is more crucial than ever, the Global Far North Fiber project emerges as a transformative venture aiming to enhance digital connectivity and strengthen Europe's digital sovereignty. As part of the Global Far North Fiber project, the Far North Fiber Europe 1 project, led by Cinia Oy from Finland, paves the way for this massive initiative. Spinverse experts supported the successful funding application process for Connecting Europe Facility programme.

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Great exposure to FlexiGrid and Spinverse at EEEAM conference in Hanoi

Our Principal Consultant Magnus Andersson from Spinverse Sweden had the honour to represent the European Horizon 2020 FlexiGrid project at the international scientific conference IEEE EEEAM (Asia Meeting on Environment and Electrical Engineering) in Hanoi, Vietnam, in November. He was invited to deliver a keynote presentation on the learnings of FlexiGrid. In his keynote, Magnus discussed about integrating an impact framework into R&D projects to enhance market and the societal impact from R&D efforts.

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Spinverse supported HYDROCOW to secure European Innovation Council funding for producing milk protein from carbon and electricity

Solar Foods is leading a ground-breaking HYDROCOW consortium project to develop a novel biotechnology platform introducing new ways to produce sustainable food, materials, medicine and chemicals. Spinverse funding experts worked with the project consortium for their successful project proposal, which was selected for funding by the European Innovation Council (EIC) from more than 400 contesting teams.   

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CleverHealth Network collaboration creates a new remote care solution to improve lives of dialysis patients

A new automated solution that brings safety to the patient’s everyday life and streamlines the work of healthcare professionals has been developed in the CleverHealth Network co-ordinated by HUS. The new remote care model enables savings of up to tens of thousands of euros per patient. The first service solution created as a result of the partnership cooperation will now be commercialized in cooperation with Fujitsu. Spinverse has played an important role in building and facilitating the CleverHealth Network ecosystem and we are delighted to see the outcomes of the relentless work between partners. 

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Spinverse successfully supported the proposal preparation for Horizon Europe funding, fostering a data-driven collaboration among European pediatric hospitals

The PHEMS project consortium led by Helsinki University Hospital (HUS) will advance data-driven research and innovation activities in pediatrics and the use of privacy-preserving datasets in Europe. The project’s aim is to overcome important barriers that currently hinder cross-border collaboration on health data by developing and validating a decentralized federated health data ecosystem. This will enable an ecosystem without central data repositories or release of sensitive personal health data from hospitals. The proposal preparation was supported by Spinverse. 

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Spinverse collaborates with Ponsse and Epec in FORWARD’27 ecosystem for creating sustainable work machinery

Ponsse, a leading manufacturer of forest machinery, and its technology company Epec, have together launched the FORWARD´27 project which aims to significantly reduce the emissions and environmental impact of mobile work machinery used in forestry and other heavy industries. The 10M€ funding granted by Business Finland challenge for leading companies will help the FORWARD’27 ecosystem develop solutions for intelligent, zero-emission vehicles for off-road and commercial use. Spinverse supported Ponsse and Epec in the project preparation phase and is now contributing to the management and coordination of the FORWARD’27 project, which had its launch event in September 2023.

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Kiilto's SUPER Healthy Buildings Ecosystem: pioneering sustainability and wellbeing in the construction industry

Kiilto, a leader in the construction and building industry, has embarked on an inspiring mission to reshape the sector with their groundbreaking project, the Kiilto SUPER Healthy Buildings Ecosystem. Spearheading this ambitious endeavour is Raija Polvinen, Chief Ecosystem Officer at Kiilto, who is dedicated to addressing the pressing environmental challenges faced by the industry head-on. Spinverse supported Kiilto with their successful funding application for this co-innovation project, securing 3 M€ for this project.

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Spinverse helped Herantis Pharma secure EIC Accelerator funding to prepare Phase 2 in their treatment for Parkinson’s disease

Herantis Pharma Plc (“Herantis), a company developing disease-modifying therapies for Parkinson’s disease, announced the signing of a grant agreement with the European Innovation Council Accelerator. The funding will launch project ReTreatPD, which will focus on preparations towards a Phase 2 clinical study with HER-096 in conjunction with Parkinson’s disease. The project includes development of biomarkers for monitoring target engagement and treatment response to HER-096 molecule. 

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