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Spinverse supported Patria-led eALLIANCE ecosystem in securing Business Finland funding to boost collaboration between civilian and defence sector

The Patria-led defence research and development ecosystem eALLIANCE was granted significant funding from Business Finland in February 2024 for amplifying collaboration between civilian and defence sector companies. Spinverse supported Patria with the preparation of the winning proposal and will be supporting Patria in the project’s day-to-day management and ecosystem orchestration.

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Spinverse tackling the climate change with clients – impactful project proposals submitted to Innovation Fund

The European Union has set ambitious goals for achieving a climate-neutral and circular economy by 2050. Among one of the largest funding programmes to demonstrate low-carbon technologies is Innovation Fund, which had its call deadline on 9th April 2024, releasing a total of 4B€ in grants. Over the past few months, our Spinverse funding experts have been working hard together with clients to submit several project proposals. Together, these projects demonstrate potential for significant greenhouse gas (GHG) avoidance and bring together many innovative actors in Europe.

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Building circular economy for plastics: Borealis drives the 4-year SPIRIT programme together with Spinverse

Aimed at fostering sustainability in the plastics industry, the four-year SPIRIT programme has already entered its third year of operation. Kicked off in 2022, the SPIRIT programme has successfully launched 14 partnership projects and created a vibrant ecosystem of over 50 members including universities, research institutes, and diverse industry companies. Programme Manager Jaakko Tuomainen from Borealis shares the rewarding experiences gained from this initiative which is part of the Veturi programme for leading companies funded by Business Finland.

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Insights into CBE project coordination: SWEETWOODS flagship

For companies considering applying for Circular Bio-based Europe Joint Undertaking (CBE JU) funding and forming a consortium, understanding the role of a project coordinator is crucial. Karl Peebo is the project manager in the SWEETWOODS flagship project coordinated by Estonian company Fibenol. He shares his insights into the responsibilities and benefits of this key role in EU-funded project consortiums.

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EU funding opportunities for SMEs in life science and health

Do you need funding for your SME? Are you aiming to commercialize your idea by founding a startup in the coming year? Or maybe you need to accelerate the development of your innovation to reach the market? Either way, EU funding might have open calls that will help you do just that! Of course, you can participate in large Horizon Europe calls in collaboration with academics, non-for-profits, large enterprises, and other SMEs, however, you may want to go for a smaller consortium or apply on your own.   

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FlexiGrid project advances technologies and services to unlock flexibility potential in energy

Spinverse had the pleasure of coordinating FlexiGrid, a 10M€ project which created a data management platform integrating cutting-edge technologies and services. The four-year project has focused on enabling distribution system operators to keep pace with the growth of variable renewable electricity sources. The FlexiGrid project has now come to an end with potential to be replicated, also paving the way for future research and providing input for policy decisions in the future.

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Spinverse delivers Helsinki-Uusimaa RDI roadmap outlining the region's steps to become forerunner in innovation

Helsinki-Uusimaa region aims to become Europe's most innovative region by 2030 and ramp up RDI investments to five percent of the region's GDP. The roadmap defines the region's strengths and ways to promote research, development and innovation (RDI) activities through leading clusters and expertise. The roadmap work led by Spinverse in collaboration with MDI provides concrete ways to increase EU-level RDI activities in Helsinki-Uusimaa. 

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Looking for ideas and partners for your next ECS project? Meet Spinverse at the Chips JU-ECS Brokerage Event on 20-21 February 2024

The ECS Brokerage Event 2024 in Brussels combines the brokerage activities of the industry associations AENEAS, EPoSS and INSIDE into one vibrant networking event. The event is dedicated to project proposals in the field of Electronic Components and Systems for the Chips JU Calls 2024 for the non-initiative part (former KDT JU). Find Spinverse funding experts at this year's event on 20 - 21 February and learn more about the project proposals we are currently building with our clients.

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