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IMOCO4.E project consortium develops edge-to-cloud intelligence for robots and cyber-physical systems with daily administrative support from Spinverse

Intelligent Motion Control under Industry 4.E (IMOCO4.E) is an extensive 31 M€ pan-European project partially funded by the ECSEL Joint Undertaking (currently known as KDT Joint Undertaking) and national funding agencies. The three-year project will help shape the future of Industry 4.0 manufacturing in Europe, aiming to perceive and control complex machines and projects. Spinverse is part of the Project Coordination Office in this large-scale project.  

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Spinverse is one of the partners in EU project to increase understanding of the mechanisms underlying the development of Long Covid

Long COVID, a research and innovation project funded by the European Union’s research and innovation programme Horizon Europe has just been launched on 1st of June 2022. The pan-European project with a total budget of 8.2 M€ is coordinated by Helsinki University Hospital (HUS). The project consortium with 12 partners aims to understand the mechanisms behind the long-term symptoms following COVID-19 infection. Spinverse is one of the partners in this project making a difference to Long Covid Syndrome (LCS) sufferers.

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Circular Bio-based Europe Joint Undertaking makes an impact on circular bioeconomy in Europe

The Circular Bio-based Europe Joint Undertaking (CBE JU), the follower of the Bio-based Industries (BBI JU) partnership, is set to fund excellent collaborative projects and the first call for project proposals will open before the summer break 2022. The preliminary call topics indicate a wide range of growth opportunities for companies working in this sector. The search for strong partners to collaborate in consortium projects is already underway. Is your company considering joining this initiative?

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European Defence Fund calls for 2022 open soon with many growth opportunities for companies developing solutions in the sector

The European Defence Fund 2022 will offer many opportunities for the defence industry companies. The projects are divided into capability development and research projects, each with their own special characteristics. We estimate that the call texts for this year’s European Defence Fund application round will be published in June 2022.

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Nokia is building Competitive Edge for sustainable future networks

Nokia is set to gain a new competitive advantage from edge computing and edge intelligence, both considered essential elements in 5G networks. They can be considered the two key elements to enable sustainable digital infrastructure and networks in the future. Spinverse supported Nokia in the preparation of their funding proposal, which secured Nokia 20 M€ in Business Finland funding for leading companies.

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Could Venture Debt provided by the European Investment Bank help grow your business further?

European Investment Bank (EIB) Venture Debt is a long-term financing instrument meant to provide significant cash runway in-between financing rounds while minimising dilution of existing owners. This funding allows a company to fully focus on its business after early commercialization and grow to secure stability. It is well suited to fast-growing companies with significant innovation potential and/or to enterprises driven by research and innovation.

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The calls for small-scale Innovation Fund have just been launched

Is your company on a mission to reduce carbon emissions to fight climate change? To become climate neutral by 2050, Europe has to take drastic measures to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. To support this ambitious goal, European Commission has launched an Innovation Fund programme to fund both large-scale and small-scale projects that demonstrate low-carbon technologies. Read on to find out if your SME company or a consortium you are part of is eligible to have your fair share of the 10 B€ available through this massive funding programme over the period of 2020-2030 — the next small-scale call has just been launched! 

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LuxTurrim5G attracted an interested stakeholder crowd on the ecosystem’s VIP Day at Dubai Expo 2020

The LuxTurrim5G ecosystem and its product offering were proudly showcased at the Expo 2020 Dubai. In March, the LuxTurrim5G ecosystem arranged a VIP event at the Expo to present the ecosystem offering, partners and solutions to a group of ecosystem stakeholders. Finnish innovations gained a lot of attention in Dubai Expo: Finland pavilion actually hit the mark of one million guests before the exhibition closes its doors on 31 March 2022.

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How Spinbase supports the City of Rotterdam to be more proactive and strategic with EU funding

From mostly reacting to partner invitations, the City of Rotterdam now transitions to approach EU opportunities with a proactive mindset first. Our intent is to utilize EU-level funding in enabling innovation and digital capabilities of the region. In this journey, Spinbase becomes a tool to empower every colleague in the municipality to take advantage of funding calls.

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