Spinverse supported Patria-led eALLIANCE ecosystem in securing Business Finland funding to boost collaboration between civilian and defence sector

The Patria-led defence research and development ecosystem eALLIANCE was granted significant funding from Business Finland in February 2024 for amplifying collaboration between civilian and defence sector companies. Spinverse supported Patria with the preparation of the winning proposal and will be supporting Patria in the project’s day-to-day management and ecosystem orchestration.

On 15 February 2024, Business Finland announced the successful R&D ecosystem projects to receive funding of 10M€ (leading company of the project) or 20M€ (ecosystem partners) for their groundbreaking technologies and fostering cooperation with ecosystem partners with vast business and research expertise. Patria-led programme eALLIANCE, ecosystem for developing advanced digital mobility platforms for enhanced data sharing, was one of the programmes which received co-funding from Business Finland for amplifying the cooperation between Finnish civilian and defence sector companies.

The mission of the eALLIANCE ecosystem is to integrate technologies across civil, security and defence technologies for secure societies. Patria will build the project together with more than 30 partner companies and other collaborators. The ecosystem enables both large companies and SMEs to cooperate in the development of innovative defence and dual-use applications and strengthens the export potential of Finnish companies in these sectors. eALLIANCE will increase the combined R&D investments of Patria and partner companies by up to 200M€ during the project's lifetime.

Spinverse participated in the preparation of the project proposal and will support Patria with the day-to-day management of the project and ecosystem collaboration. As a collaborative defence technology ecosystem, eALLIANCE is a unique undertaking both in Finland and internationally.

Matti Saarikko, Chief Technology Officer of Patria and the head of the eALLIANCE programme says: “We are excited to lead this unique ecosystem which is amplifying collaboration between civilian and defence sector companies. eALLIANCE has an important role for Patria – a defence and technology company that constantly wants to evolve and be on top of the latest technologies in our industry. We are extremely pleased to have received positive funding decision for the ecosystem. The eALLIANCE programme will enable significant investments into R&D, innovations as well as partnerships for Patria. We were also very happy to collaborate with Spinverse during the preparation phase and their team’s support was key to meeting the requirements of the tight preparation schedule.”

Director Anu Ilmonen from Spinverse says: “It is gratifying to see that Business Finland has begun to support the research and development of defence products as well. Recognizing the defence industry's growing role in exports and providing equitable public funding support is important. The Veturi funding is crucial not only for Patria but also for smaller Finnish companies, for which entering the international defence markets remains challenging. eALLIANCE aims to involve small businesses in the rapidly expanding scope of Patria's international trade.”

“We were very happy to work together with Patria’s team of leading experts in preparing the programme proposal. Ecosystems such as eALLIANCE provide civilian and defence sector companies a unique opportunity to collaborate and introduce disruptive technologies to the defence domain. I would like to express my appreciation to the teams at Patria and Spinverse for the excellent collaboration and bringing in their vast expertise to building the project. The increasingly complex and rapidly changing security environment poses new challenges to defence solutions, and answering these requires collaboration across technology and research domains. We are also delighted to  support Patria and the ecosystem partners on this journey as the eALLIANCE programme kicks off,” says Senior Project Manager Saija Juslén from Spinverse. She steered the work during the project’s preparation phase at Spinverse and will take the lead in the day-to-day management of the project at Spinverse.

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eALLIANCE - For more secure societies: www.patriagroup.com/about-us/research-and-innovations/ealliance-securing-societies
For more information on eALLIANCE, please email eAlliance@patriagroup.com

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