How Spinbase supports the City of Rotterdam to be more proactive and strategic with EU funding

From mostly reacting to partner invitations, the City of Rotterdam now transitions to approach EU opportunities with a proactive mindset first. Our intent is to utilize EU-level funding in enabling innovation and digital capabilities of the region. In this journey, Spinbase becomes a tool to empower every colleague in the municipality to take advantage of funding calls.

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EuroPAT-MASiP project on Electronics Packaging has been successfully completed

The EuroPAT-MASiP project with 28 partners from all over Europe was completed in August 2021, demonstrating a successful and significant overall outcome. The project, funded by the ECSEL JU and national funding agencies, aimed to reinforce the European semiconductor manufacturing position by focusing on the semiconductor and microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) packaging. The results of the project have an impact on the development of new packaging technologies, production and test equipment, as well as on innovative applications by European electronics, component and system manufacturers. Spinverse prepared the funding application and supported the project coordinator on the project’s day-to-day management, communications and dissemination.

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Wärtsilä launches Zero Emission Marine ecosystem to accelerate the transition to a sustainable marine industry

Business Finland will allocate 20 M€ in the Zero Emission Marine (ZEM) ecosystem project of Wärtsilä. As an ecosystem leader, Wärtsilä will launch an extensive RDI project together with close to 200 actors, who share a goal of creating a zero-emission ecosystem for the marine industry. Spinverse team will support in commencing the four-year project developing cutting-edge sustainable technologies to reach its ambitious goals. Spinverse experts will help the project in setting the groundwork and creating an efficient operating model for the ecosystem.

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CTOs of the Year 2022 and Innovation Professor of the Year 2022 have been announced

This year, the jury consisting of leading Finnish technology influencers selected Simo Säynevirta of ABB and Petteri Uusimaa of Modulight as the winners of the CTO of the Year 2022 Awards. The Innovation Professor of the Year 2022 Award was given to Jero Ahola of the LUT University.

The CTO of the Year Awards are given in cooperation by Technology Industries of Finland, Business Finland, and innovation consulting company Spinverse. The Awards are meant to highlight the importance of Chief Technology Officers’ work, and that of the professors collaborating with companies, on the future competitiveness of Finnish industry. The awards were published and handed out on the 2nd of March 2022 at the CTO Forum, an event which this year was themed around Finnish innovation seen from the point of view of leading Veturi companies and ecosystems.

The jury’s chairperson, Business Finland’s Director General, CEO Nina Kopola said: ”The awarded technology leaders and their companies showcase Finland’s extensive knowledge base and new opportunities for the industry. The acknowledged technology leaders have shown the importance of technology to the emergence of innovations and the success of their surrounding ecosystems. The Innovation Professor of the Year demonstrates how research leads to ground-breaking technologies that can develop new business and respond to global challenges.”

ABB’s leading company project (Veturi) strengthens the emergence of sustainable industry

In the large companies’ category, the CTO of the Year 2022 award was given to Simo Säynevirta of ABB. Säynevirta is leading the ecosystem collaboration for the ABB Veturi program Green Electrification 2035. ABB plays an important role in boosting the digital transition in Finland and in the Veturi project of Business Finland. Through his work, Säynevirta accelerates the development and implementation of sustainable energy grids and Power-to-X technologies.

"The Green Electrification 2035 programme develops leading technologies with a significant impact to the smart systems of the future and to our living environment. The overall management of the novel energy system based on sector integration will play a central role in the carbon-neutral society using green energy,” Säynevirta comments. “It is extremely exciting to be part of developing solutions for a sustainable future.”

Throughout his career, Säynevirta has worked at ABB in several leadership and project management roles in digitalisation, product management and product development, both globally and locally. He has also been an active member in the Finnish Hydrogen Cluster and led the sub-workgroup of the cluster where hydrogen economy was visioned to become a new pillar for the Finnish exports and economy. Säynevirta is an active influencer in local and Europe-level forums addressing digital solutions.

Säynevirta, who is known for his visionary and innovative approach, is happy about the award. “It is an honour to receive this recognition and be part of creating Finnish competitiveness together with other societally impactful companies and technology influencers.” This year, the awarding of Säynevirta stresses the importance of leading complex ecosystems. The CTO of the Year Award has traditionally been given to the highest technology leader in the company, but technology leadership also takes place on other levels of the organisation and on interfaces outside the company.

Lasers enable more personalised health technologies

Petteri Uusimaa of Modulight was awarded the title of CTO of the Year 2022 in the SME category. A manufacturer of semiconductors, Modulight demonstrates the importance of technological development for the company’s growth. The company was established in 2000 as a spin-off of Tampere University of Technology, and it has shown strong growth in the recent years. It produces optical solutions for health technologies and other special applications, such as digital printing devices and quantum technology. The company was successfully listed on the First North of the Helsinki Stock Exchange in autumn 2021.

As one of the founding members of Modulight, Uusimaa has participated in the development of Modulight technology and business operations from the very beginning. He has transformed Modulight from a manufacturer of semiconductors to a partner for global actors in pharma and biomedicine that produces medical solutions based on cloud technologies. At the moment, Uusimaa leads the technology development at Modulight. He has also been active in raising the awareness on photonics both in Finnish and European forums and has been a Board member in EPIC - European Photonics Industry Consortium for six years.

The winner Petteri Uusimaa says: ”This is a fantastic recognition to Modulight and to our long-term development work. In Finland, there are many actors currently developing top-notch technologies to world markets. This includes two other SME finalists in the areas of health monitoring and quantum computing, and we are very delighted to be recognised amongst such great companies. The development of Modulight products to cloud-based devices used for cancer and eye therapies has driven us to combine diverse expertise from quantum physics to biotechnology, software, and analytics. It is a pleasure to work with this team of such skilled colleagues.”

Applications on green hydrogen are being researched at LUT University

The Innovation Professor of the Year 2022 Award was given to Jero Ahola, the Professor of Energy Efficiency in Electricity-Driven Systems at Lappeenranta-Lahti University of Technology (LUT). In his work, he focuses on the production and usage of renewable electricity-driven energy systems. His research has a special focus on the production of green hydrogen and its applications. His research is driven by both the optimization of system-level energy and cost efficiency in electricity-driven applications and the research and development of breakthrough technologies such as food, fuels, or carbon products from the air.

Ahola has also played an important role in accelerating the collaboration between universities and business world: he is behind a multitude of patents for ABB and other companies. Ahola has also been one of the founding members for three different start-up companies, namely Solar Foods, Elstor and Afstor. The winner Jero Ahola says: “The energy of the future is clean electricity. It will help solve challenges related to climate change and become independent from fossil fuels.”

In awarding the Innovation Professor of the Year 2022, the jury evaluated the amount of funding the projects have received, collaboration with the industry, patents licenced, and the amount of new business and jobs created as a result of the research work.

The Award finalists represent a high level of technology knowledge

Mats Sundell of Mirka and Juha Kytölä of Wärtsilä were chosen as the finalists in the CTO of the Year 2022 Award in the large enterprise category. In the SME category, Kuan Yen Tan of IQM and Teemu Kurppa of Oura were nominated. The finalists in the Innovation Professor of the Year 2022 were Mircea Guina of Tampere University, Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences and Heli Skottman of Tampere University, Faculty of Medicine and Health Technology.

”The competition among candidates for the CTO of the Year and Innovation Professor of the Year 2022 was again quite fierce. It is very important to highlight the collaboration between companies and the research sector because at best, it will be a driver for real breakthroughs and new growth. For Finland to succeed in international competition calls for a high level of expertise, courage to invest and active innovation collaboration within company networks as well as in research institutions,” comments Jaakko Hirvola of Technology Industries of Finland.

”The Finnish technology sector demonstrated, also this year, the width of its base, and there were several excellent candidates. Our country’s expertise has a leading edge on many sectors, and this will help the economy in Finland and in the rest of Europe to take sustainable actions in good times and in times of crisis,” sums up Spinverse founder Pekka Koponen, who has been part of the selection process for 12 times in a row.

Winners with the CTO Forum partners. From the left Pekka Koponen, Nina Kopola, Simo Säynevirta, Petteri Uusimaa, Jero Ahola and Jaakko Hirvola

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Spinverse and LuxTurrim5G partners at the Expo 2020 Dubai

World Expos are one of the oldest and largest international events on the planet, taking place every five years and lasting six months. It is an event for all to experience, explore, innovate, and have fun by sharing ideas and working together. An Expo is a global showcase event that aims at sharing newest innovations, promoting progress and fostering cooperation. Exactly what Spinverse does in its daily business.

The Finnish pavilion presents globally leading clean technologies, sustainable and digital solutions just to mention a few main themes. Since Expo 2020 Dubai opened its gates, it has recorded over 13.5 million in-person visits and nearly ten times as many (121 million) virtual visits. The Finnish pavilion has already welcomed almost 700 000 visitors during this time.

Spinverse and LuxTurrim5G ecosystem are participating in the Expo to promote how smart cities can tackle the grand challenges regarding urbanization and climate change, boost sustainable development and enable their digital transformation. The developed concept and holistic solution is based on modular 5G smart poles and a data marketplace providing the digital backbone and infrastructure for smart cities. This allows the development of a multiplicity of new smart city services related e.g. to public safety, green last-mile logistics, autonomous transport and healthy living. To make this happen requires co-creation, development of new operating models and facilitation of extensive cooperation between different stakeholders globally – where Spinverse is experienced in.

Meet the Spinverse experts Pekka Torvinen and Joni Turunen at Expo 2020 Dubai on 10 March 2022 and learn more about Smart Cities and Ecosystem leadership. The extensive LuxTurrim5G smart city ecosystem shows a great example of Spinverse work on ecosystem leadership towards commercialisation and joint offering.

We also welcome you to join our intensive one-hour webinar on 10th March to learn more about how to boost smart city service development with data collected via 5G smart pole networks and other data sources. This webinar is part of LuxTurrim5G VIP Day activities at the Expo 2020 Dubai.

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More information: 
See the LuxTurrim5G offering for smart cities
White paper: How to design a smart and sustainable city?

LuxTurrim5G ecosystem includes the following partners:

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Who is the most innovative technology leader in Europe? Nominate your candidate for the CTO of the Year Europe 2022 Award

Nominations are now open for the title of European Chief Technology Officer of the Year. The 2022 awards will be given to the most inspiring, innovative, and visionary technology leaders in Europe. The award is organised by the European Industrial Research Management Association (EIRMA), Orgalim, Europe’s Technology Industries, and Spinverse. The awards will be presented ensuing EIRMA’s CTO Forum on the 19th of May, 2022 hosted by UNILEVER Foods innovation Center HIVE in the Netherlands.

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European Commission proposes Chips Act to address semiconductor shortages and boost Europe’s technological leadership

The recent shortages in the supply of semiconductors have resulted in factory closures in many sectors from health to automotive, affecting decrease in production in Europe. This demonstrates how dependent Europe is of the global semiconductor value chain, and the impact of having a very limited number of cutting-edge manufacturers. To confront this challenge, European Commission has proposed an EU Chips Act that will build on Europe’s strengths of world-leading research and technology organisations, networks and a number of pioneering equipment manufacturers.

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Borealis Finland launches SPIRIT — a gamechanger programme to boost sustainable plastics industry

Borealis Finland has received 20 M€ in funding from Business Finland to launch their innovative SPIRIT programme (Sustainable Plastics Industry Transformation). As project leader, Borealis Finland will coordinate research and development efforts among a wide range of existing and new partners. Spinverse team will help Borealis to build and lead the ecosystem and related projects needed to fulfil the ambitious mission. 

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