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Surface-level diversity in a company is not enough

More and more companies keep diversity and inclusion on their agenda, and it is indeed an important topic and initiative to embrace and develop. Do we understand the importance of diversity and what is behind it – is there actually more than meets the eye and how can companies benefit from in-depth diversity? Our Head of People and Culture Dijana Soininen delves deeper into the intricacies of this interesting topic.

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Warm welcome to SangEun and Jeroen

Our Health team and ICT & Electronics team are delighted to announce that Jeroen Pouwels and SangEun Park have recently joined Spinverse. Jeroen’s wide expertise on molecular life sciences and R&D experience in oncology, among others, will be a significant addition to the subject matter expertise for our customers in the health sector. The ICT & Electronics team is looking forward to SangEun’s contribution in supporting the customer projects in various administrative tasks to ensure everything runs smoothly.

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The new Industrial investments team supports industry clients with their future growth

In response to an increased need for project financing know-how required by our industry clients and the public funding programs, Spinverse has set up a new Industrial investments team led by Jani Peurakoski. The team consists of five professionals with diverse competences to serve the industry clients seeking to implement and grow their industrial projects. The newly established team is capable of supporting customers across different financing instruments including investment grants and loans e.g. from Innovation Fund, export credit agencies or multilateral finance institutions such as European Investment Bank and Nordic Investment Bank.

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Welcoming five new experts to Spinverse

August at Spinverse was off to a great start by welcoming new colleagues to the team. Happy to introduce Panos Chronis, Simona Dell’Angelo and Laura Hänninen who will provide support to our clients in the health sector and ICT & electronics. We are also extending our warm welcome to Rahul Ashok and Samuel Nash who joined the Bioeconomy team and the Defence & Security team, respectively.

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