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2023 call for proposals: Circular Bio-based Industries JU continues to advance European circular bio-based economy

In 2023, 215.5 M€ is dedicated in advancing competitive circular bio-based industries in Europe, launched by the Circular Bio-based Industries Joint Undertaking (CBE JU), which is a massive €2 billion partnership between the European Union and the Bio-based Industries Consortium (BIC) under Horizon Europe. The 2023 Work Programme with 18 different call topics has been published.  

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The growing team of Spinverse supports customers on their journey towards a sustainable transition

Back in August 2022, Spinverse joined forces with the Swedish company IMCG International AB to extend Nordic leadership in innovation funding consulting. A few months in, IMCG co-founders Magnus Andersson and Jonas Norrman now discuss the strong impact the strengthened Spinverse team is making through the customer projects in the Nordics and elsewhere in Europe. 

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Spinverse supported the ENDOTARGET consortium to secure EU funding of 7 M€ to study the role of systemic endotoxemia as driver of chronic inflammation in arthritis

The EU has awarded funding of 7 M€ to an international consortium led by Helsinki University Hospital (HUS) to study the significance of gut microbiota as a driver of chronic systemic inflammation and the role of microbiota in the pathogenesis of rheumatic diseases.An additional 1,8 M€ has been granted by the Swiss State Secretariat for Education, Research and Innovation (SERI).Spinverse supported the consortium in the proposal preparation. The ENDOTARGET project will start in January 2023.

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Business Finland’s Veturi programme for leading companies enables Tietoevry to build Trusted Digital Societies

Spinverse works with Tietoevry in running their Veturi programme and ecosystems, aiming to develop affordable, accessible, and trusted digital services for citizens globally. Spinverse supported Tietoevry in securing the funding of 20 M€ from Business Finland and is now supporting Tietoevry to run the various activities in this vibrant programme. The programme is part of Business Finland initiative to solve some of society's most pressing challenges through increased research, development, and innovation investments in Finland.

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Webinar 8th November 2022: Public funding opportunities  for 2023 — meet our experts

After joining forces with the Swedish IMCG International in August, we are now very excited to launch our first webinar together and proud to introduce our knowledgeable speakers from Spinverse and IMCG. In the webinar, we will discuss the upcoming changes in the public funding landscape and share some of our learnings and insights in applying for public funding. Read more here and register to the webinar taking place on the 8th November 2022. 

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Innovative Health Initiative (IHI) calls for 2023 – future opportunities

“Transforming Healthcare by bringing together diverse sectors” is the key challenge that the Innovative Health Initiative (IHI) aims to address to build a strong society. Digital technologies in mental health care, advanced therapies for rare diseases, and improving hospital care are among the topics underlined in for IHI’s forthcoming calls in 2023. As the healthcare systems are under more pressure than ever and many diseases still lack effective treatments, there is an urgent need for more innovative and integrated approaches.

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REPowerEU to significantly accelerate clean energy transition in Europe

In late spring 2022, the European Commission presented the REPowerEU to accelerate clean energy transition and increase Europe’s strategic autonomy in energy as a response for Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. In short, the plan proposes actions to save energy, produce European clean energy and diversify EU’s energy supplies. With Member States having agreed on their position, the plan takes a major step forward towards its approval and implementation.

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Spinverse helped secure grant funding of 1.15 M€ for AGRIVI’s AI-driven technology to protect crops and comply with food safety

AGRIVI is an AgriTech company from Croatia, whose approach to solving the global food problem is through the digitalization of agriculture. The company was recently awarded by the European Innovation Council (EIC) with a grant of 1.15 M€, which will help them build an AI-driven agronomic adviser to support farms in meeting the EU compliance requirements for crop protection and food safety. Spinverse funding experts successfully supported the company in the highly competitive funding application process.

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