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LIFE programme: multiple opportunities for environmental and climate actions

The LIFE funding instrument is one of the largest public funding programmes in Europe  fully dedicated to the environment, nature and climate. The instrument is annually launching calls totalling approx. 500M€ to implement best practices, develop, demonstrate and promote innovative techniques, methods and approaches, accommodating an extremely wide range of topics and sectors. What’s in it for you? Our LIFE programme expert Mikko Tiira helps us navigate the intricacies of LIFE and get the updated insights into the instrument.

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Far North Fiber Europe 1: Pioneering connectivity across the North-West passage

Now that secure digital infrastructure is more crucial than ever, the Global Far North Fiber project emerges as a transformative venture aiming to enhance digital connectivity and strengthen Europe's digital sovereignty. As part of the Global Far North Fiber project, the Far North Fiber Europe 1 project, led by Cinia Oy from Finland, paves the way for this massive initiative. Spinverse experts supported the successful funding application process for Connecting Europe Facility programme.

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Updated version available on AI Catalogue to bring together academia and industry within the ELISE network

Research organisations focused on the multiple applications for Artificial Intelligence may not always find the right channels nor partners to commercialise their innovations. Finding the right business partners within industry may often prove as one of the obstacles to enter the markets. A project within the ELISE network has addressed this challenge by launching a Catalogue that provides cherry-picked information on European research organisations focused on AI research, thus making it easier for academia and industry to find the right partners for a fruitful collaboration. There is now a new version available with additional AI nodes from ELLIS (European Laboratory for Learning and Intelligent Systems). 

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Fortifying healthcare: safeguarding data in the digital age

The integration of digital technology into healthcare has presented a multitude of challenges, with cybersecurity emerging as a major concern. The consequences of cyber threats extend beyond financial implications, posing a significant risk to the integrity of healthcare systems. Key vulnerabilities within the healthcare sector, including endpoint leakage, user authentication deficiencies, and excessive user permissions, persist as critical areas susceptible to compromise. In the worst case, these vulnerabilities pose a threat to patients' wellbeing. Collaboration in EU consortia may be the answer to tackle the challenges. 

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Spinverse Digital Industries – Generating and exciting 2024

As we in the Spinverse Digital Industries business unit train our gaze on the emerging opportunities for R&D consortia across Europe, one aspect is clear to our more than 300 clients. The pace is picking up, with forces unleashed by the overlapping utilisation of Generative AIs that are penetrating functions across corporates, SMEs, startups, universities and RTOs.

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Support from Spinverse helped Midsummer secure 32M€ in EU funding to build new solar cell factory

Swedish solar energy company Midsummer was selected in June 2023 by the EU to receive a significant grant to boost a self-sufficient solar energy production in Europe. The 32M€ funding, granted by the highly competitive EU Innovation Fund, is awarded to construct a new 200 MW mega factory in Sweden to produce CIGS (copper, indium, gallium and selenide) thin film solar cells. Spinverse contributed to the successful funding decision by providing expert services in the project application phase.

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European expertise of Spinverse Digital Industries

Sensors (electronics), robots and AI permeate every aspect of customer consortia activities within Spinverse’s Digital Industries business unit. From southern Europe to the far north; from the Atlantic, across to Eastern Europe, the partnerships we bring together include corporates, SMEs, startups, RTOs and universities, combined with hospitals and other public service entities. Together, we solve really complex challenges.

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Great exposure to FlexiGrid and Spinverse at EEEAM conference in Hanoi

Our Principal Consultant Magnus Andersson from Spinverse Sweden had the honour to represent the European Horizon 2020 FlexiGrid project at the international scientific conference IEEE EEEAM (Asia Meeting on Environment and Electrical Engineering) in Hanoi, Vietnam, in November. He was invited to deliver a keynote presentation on the learnings of FlexiGrid. In his keynote, Magnus discussed about integrating an impact framework into R&D projects to enhance market and the societal impact from R&D efforts.

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Spinverse supported HYDROCOW to secure European Innovation Council funding for producing milk protein from carbon and electricity

Solar Foods is leading a ground-breaking HYDROCOW consortium project to develop a novel biotechnology platform introducing new ways to produce sustainable food, materials, medicine and chemicals. Spinverse funding experts worked with the project consortium for their successful project proposal, which was selected for funding by the European Innovation Council (EIC) from more than 400 contesting teams.   

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