How Spinverse can help you with your EU project

Spinverse has an excellent track record on providing clients with a portfolio of end-to-end services related to EU-funded projects. Here is a snapshot of our expert services for your company if you are seeking to boost your business with EU funding.

With years of expertise in the public funding landscape for sustainable industries and digital industries, Spinverse can facilitate the process of building the project concept, guide what information is needed and turn the gathered facts into a high-quality project funding proposal. Provided the project wins the grant, Spinverse can also offer professional project management support for the project coordinator. All these expert services help the project partners to keep focus on the actual matter at hand. 

Spinverse services in EU project proposal phase 

  • Full proposal preparation: Spinverse experts can help you plan and facilitate your project from start to submission. We can facilitate the proposal building, starting from the project concept and further ideation. The work also includes engaging partners, if any.
  • Quality check: We will check your funding proposal and guide you how you can improve it.
  • Impacts chapter: We will conduct the necessary research for you and can deliver the impact chapter. 

Spinverse services in project management support phase 

  • Grant Agreement: Spinverse can help with the numerous and somewhat complex practicalities involved in the GA process.
  • Support for project management: This involves for example the needed tasks related to kick-off meetings, reporting, amendments, communication and dissemination among other actions.
  • Business plans, surveys and go-to-market: We can tailor these services to best fulfil the needs of your project to achieve the best possible impact. 

Do you already have a project in mind or are still looking for options to seek for public funding? Allow our funding experts help you in identifying the right funding instruments or kick off your project! Do not hesitate to contact Spinverse today.

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