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Innovation funding creates an obligation to communicate - Pekka Koponen's column in Kauppalehti

The looming threat of a recession increases the importance of R&D funding, both directly from Tekes and by other means such as tax incentives. Recipients of such funding also have an obligation to communicate to taxpayers about how it is being used, even before specific results are achieved. When the message is clear, new and bold, the media writes. Also positively.

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Fuel Cell Programme Annual Seminar 2011

Woikoski is building a hydrogen refueling station in Finland

A critical factor for hydrogen fuel cell vehicles is the existence of a hydrogen distribution infrastructure. The Finnish company Woikoski Oy is building the first hydrogen refueling station in Finland at the Arctic Driving Center in Rovaniemi, Finland. A similar station will be used in the Demo2013 project in Vuosaari Harbour, demonstrating simultaneous operation of different fuel cell applications and long term field tests of noiseless and emission-free energy applications.

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Spinverse and ObservatoryNANO: Nanotechnology Offers Significant Improvements

Cathode ray tubes have dominated the display industry for over 70 years but the demand for better quality devices has promoted technology development. Consumers call for suitably priced displays with improved features. Nanotechnology, an emerging approach to upgrade flat displays, improves the performance and quality while taking environmental aspects into account. It also provides novel features such as foldability and flexibility.

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Estonian Government Contracts Spinverse for Preparing National Materials Program

Spinverse Oy has been selected to conduct a broad feasibility study for an Estonian Materials Technology Programme. Materials technology is identified as one of three strategic key technology areas in Estonia’s research and development and innovations strategy. The study was ordered by the Estonian Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communication.

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Spinverse introduced Millennium Youth Camp Participants to Finnish Fuel Cell and Hybrid Technology Development

International Millennium Youth Camp (MY Camp) was organised first time in Finland in June, 2010. The MY Camp gathered talented 16-19 year-olds to do international science in the Helsinki metropolitan area. Around 1000 youngsters from 62 countries applied to the MY Camp. In the end, 30 youngsters from 14 countries were chosen in the two-phase selection process. The aim of the week was to increase young people's interest in natural sciences and technology. The participants got to know the research and studying opportunities in Helsinki metropolitan area universities, they visited Finnish companies and networked among each other.

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