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Innpaper offers piloting opportunities for applications of paper-based electronics

Innpaper project is developing sustainable and innovative alternatives to electronic waste with three use cases for real industry needs in food, security, and medical sectors. The four-year joint research project has now progressed to its final year. In line with the project’s target, the 15 consortium partners have now developed an electronics platform using paper as a base material to offer a recyclable replacement to e-waste. Innpaper recently completed the evaluation for the open call for new ideas and have now shortlisted Amphilab and Tapp Online as final candidates. Spinverse experts are working with the consortium to boost the development towards commercial applications.

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The latest success story: Finnish SME to revolutionise electronics with EU funding

More and more brilliant SMEs are set to strengthen European competitiveness with the support of Horizon 2020 SME Instrument programme, Spinverse is delighted to make known yet another customer success story: Finnish company TactoTek secured Horizon2020 SME Instrument financing to revolutionise the way we manufacture electronics for the benefit of the European automotive industry.

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Smart-MEMPHIS exploring energy harvesting for minimally invasive pacemakers

Spinverse has joined eight other European companies, research institutes and universities in the smart-MEMPHIS project. The objective of the project is to develop new, autonomous modules for energy harvesting. Energy harvesting systems that are developed within the smart-MEMPHIS project will have many applications ranging from implantable pacemakers to aircrafts. In cardiac pacemakers, the energy generated by heart beats will be used to power the implanted devices, thus bringing significant benefits to patients and healthcare professionals alike.

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