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How Tampere University revolutionized their process of finding the suitable funding opportunities for future projects

Spinbase is a tool developed by Spinverse to ease the complex task of finding the most suitable EU funding instrument for various R&D projects and at the same time, for identifying the relevant partners. Since early 2019, the research support services at Tampere University have successfully been using Spinbase for screening funding opportunities for their research projects.

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Finnish innovation and research gets a boost from the government: permanent increase of EUR 100 million for funding

”This decision is a great commitment made by the Finnish Government to develop our world-leading innovation system further. It will significantly improve the possibility for Finnish innovation players to build ecosystems that have global significance,” says Spinverse Founder and Chairman Pekka Koponen, who also acts as the chair of the Innovation working group of Technology Industries of Finland.

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The State of Venture Capital Funding is Terrifying in Finland - Pekka Koponen's Column in Kauppalehti (in Finnish)

Spinverse’s Managing Director, depicts how the state of venture capital funding in Finnish growth companies is terrifying. In ten years, the number of sector’s capital investment firms has lowered from fifteen to five and the available capital has decreased from over a billion to mere 300 million. The column was originally published in Kauppalehti on 9th May 2011.

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