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Pekka Koponen's column on Kauppalehti: Join the construction boom in China?

Column in Kauppalehti by Pekka Koponen 23.9.2013

Join the construction boom in China?

There is a feeling of unease about the coming winter among the Finnish construction industry. Real estate market outlook is murky and the start of new projects is being delayed. Exports to Russia are booming, but should one venture even further out to the East? More than a third of the global construction activity takes place in China. With the current pace China is constructing the equivalent of the entire building stock of Germany in less than two years.

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The State of Venture Capital Funding is Terrifying in Finland - Pekka Koponen's Column in Kauppalehti (in Finnish)

Spinverse’s Managing Director, depicts how the state of venture capital funding in Finnish growth companies is terrifying. In ten years, the number of sector’s capital investment firms has lowered from fifteen to five and the available capital has decreased from over a billion to mere 300 million. The column was originally published in Kauppalehti on 9th May 2011.

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