Spinverse empowered Avantium's breakthrough CO2 utilization project

Avantium, a Dutch company committed to sustainability, is revolutionizing the packaging industry through its ongoing HICCUPS project partially funded by Horizon Europe. By converting biogenic CO2 emissions into bio-based plastics, Avantium joins forces with HICCUPS consortium members to provide eco-friendly packaging solutions. Behind the scenes, Spinverse played a crucial role in empowering Avantium's initiative.

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Succession of the founder and of the CEO in Spinverse

The innovation funding consultancy Spinverse takes another considerable step on its journey from founder-led family company, as the founder and Vice-Chair Pekka Koponen announces his transition from his active roles in the company to become a full-time investor at his family investment company Infinit Capital Oy. Laura Koponen, current CEO of Spinverse, will succeed Pekka as Vice-Chair and leave her role as CEO. 

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IRIS Smart Cities: Creating smart and sustainable cities

IMCG, now part of Spinverse, was a key partner in the HORIZON 2020 EU funded project, IRIS (Integrated and Replicable solutions for co-creation in Sustainable cities), which received 18 million euros in funding and aimed to accelerate the adoption of smart sustainable city solutions across Europe. Over the course of the five and a half years until March 2023, the project brought together more than 50 partners and seven European cities with a mission to build a more sustainable future for our cities and the people who call them home.

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