Congratulations to our newly promoted colleagues

We are delighted to announce that our colleagues Cloé, Saija, Sergei, Karan, Tapio, Panos, Juho, Miguel, Mit and John have received promotions in recognition of their contribution and leadership in various projects. Join us to congratulate them as they step into their new roles.

The achievements of our colleagues include successfully leading significant projects and developing efficient processes, demonstrating excellence in sales and customer engagement, and showing the ability to lead and scope complex multi-party projects. We praise them for their dedication, proactive approach, and the positive impact they have made in their respective business sectors, ranging from defence and security, manufacturing, bioeconomy, health tech, and energy, to project services.

Defence and Security team (led by Anu Ilmonen)

Cloé Balloch, now a Senior Project Manager, has been pivotal in the meticulous coordination of the FAMOUS project funded under the European Defence Industrial Development Programme (EDIDP), her precision and efficiency earning acclaim from clients and partners alike. Her hands-on involvement in sales and partner management has demonstrated her capacity to thrive under pressure and secure positive outcomes.

Saija Juslén's promotion to Senior Project Manager comes after leading several European Defence Fund (EDF) project preparations with finesse. She is currently steering the substantial FAMOUS2 EDF project and has been lauded for her proactive leadership and customer-centric achievements.

Manufacturing team (led by Timo Ropponen)

CHEKUROV_Sergei_2-1Sergei Chekurov's elevation to Senior Project Manager recognizes his successful management of diverse funding proposal projects and his valuable input into the project manager role, enhancing project outcomes with his expertise and insights.

Karan Menon's promotion to Senior Project Manager reflects his adept handling of complex funding proposal projects and his leadership in multi-partner initiatives and project management, demonstrating his skills in coordination and exceptional customer engagement.

Bioeconomy team (led by Kaisu Leppänen)

Tapio Lehtinen's rise to Project Manager acknowledges his significant contributions to the company as a Consultant, and his smooth transition to managing large projects, highlighting his systematic approach and proactive engagement in project development.

Health tech team (led by Rohit Sood)

Panos Chronis, now a Project Manager, has led several complex multi-party projects with notable success, contributing to sales activities and playing a significant role in an extensive Innovative Health Initiative project.

Juho Vuononvirta is promoted to Senior Project Manager. He has been successfully leading and managing large-scale multiparty projects and developed various processes in the Health tech team. In his new role, Juho will focus on the business development of the Health tech team and lead the full life cycle of projects from sales to delivery.

Energy team

LOPES_Miguel_newMiguel Lopes, Team Leader for Energy, is now promoted to Director. This attests to his exceptional leadership qualities, project management expertise, and significant role in fostering growth and collaboration within the company.

Mit Surati's elevation to Consultant is in recognition of his substantial contribution as an Analyst, particularly in the Hydrogen and Carbon Capture and Storage sectors, underscoring his market knowledge and client-focused service. In addition, he steers the development of the Hydrogen Bank instrument and other sales activities.

Project Services team

John Sperryn, Team Leader for Project Services, is now promoted to Director. As he continues to lead and develop the services of his team, John has already expanded the Spinverse service portfolio and created best practices extending to the whole company. John is known for his great leadership and communication skills appreciated by customers, colleagues and clients.

Congratulations to our fabulous colleagues! We expect each one of them to continue to drive growth and foster strong customer relationships in their new roles.

In photo from left to right: Cloé Balloch, Saija Juslén, Panos Chronis, John Sperryn, Tapio Lehtinen, Juho Vuononvirta, Karan Menon and Mit Surati.