Look no further: Spinverse’s equity and debt funding services for companies of all sizes

Spinverse offers a wide range of public funding services, but did you know that we also offer equity and debt services for companies seeking for growth with additional equity vendors and debt providers? Jani Peurakoski, Jukka Jokinen and the rest of the Industrial Investments team are ready to find the right funding solution for your company.  

Jani Peurakoski is Director and Team Leader for Industrial Investments at Spinverse and his colleague Jukka Jokinen works in Jani’s team as a Senior Consultant. Jani’s area of expertise is in debt funding whereas Jukka is specialised in offering equity-based funding solutions and strategic partners for the customers.

Additional equity vendors can offer a multitude of benefits to entrepreneurs 

Jukka Jokinen boasts an excellent network and understanding of the variety of options for equity funding. Jukka explains: “Additional equity vendor typically provides access to significant capital, expertise, networks, and long-term support.”

It is also important to understand that additional equity oftentimes improves opportunities for different public funding options, especially by enhancing the financial and operational maturity of a company. An equity sponsor typically provides additional marketing coverage and other publicity, too, which may sometimes be a challenging area for some early-stage businesses. 

Debt funding – why not look for other options beyond the obvious? 

Jani Peurakoski is an expert on debt funding. He advises customers to select the most suitable debt instruments, which may not actually be found among the traditional debt arrangements provided by banks. Spinverse can offer wide expertise on project financing and related debts to those customers who are considering debt as a source of financing and can give options on relevant debt providers other than traditional banks.

Jani reminds: “Thanks to our expertise, we can assess and identify the best possible debt solution options with the best terms for our customers.” The feedback from the customers has been very positive.

Spinverse offers an end-to-end solution for the whole funding roadmap

Our purpose is to find funding for the whole project. Spinverse can help you assess the most optimal holistic solution for the whole funding roadmap including grants, different equity-based funding sources, strategic partners and debt.

Spinverse has an excellent track record in working with corporate partners and building commercial consortiums. Spinverse is also your go-to expert in identifying EU grant alternatives and helping in applying for them.

It is worth mentioning that even the smallest sustainability innovations can get significant leverage with equity or debt funding. The small size of the company is no object: equity funding is an option for companies of all sizes.

Jukka sums up: “Unlike typical finance advisors, Spinverse offering provides holistic and strategic support to our customers – this service has been well appreciated by our customers.”

One-stop-shop at Spinverse

A combination of equity or debt funding complemented with a successful EU and domestic grant application can be the winning combination for your project. Spinverse can help in identifying both equity and debt funding as well as support you with the EU and domestic grant applications and beyond – our offering also includes project coordination services.

Got interested? Do not hesitate to contact Jukka and Jani on finding the best solution for you in equity and debt funding!  


Jukka Jokinen, Senior Consultant, Industrial Investments
+358 50 562 3623


Jani Peurakoski,
Director, Team Leader for Industrial Investments
+358 50 344 7739