Findata receives 2.5M€ in EU4Health funding to expand its digital business capabilities

The FinHITS project funded by EU4Health programme will expand Findata’s digital business capabilities, as well as establish and strengthen its connection with HealthData@EUinfrastructure. Spinverse experts supported the successful application process.

European Union is currently working on harmonised legislation on health data. Funding for the promotion of secondary data use was fully granted to Findata in October 2023. The FinHITS project to be launched with the funding decision will run for four years. It has a total budget of 2.5 million euros of which 40% is self-financed.

European Commission supports Member States in harmonising secondary use of health data

The aim of this EU4Health funding is to support EU countries in the cross-border secondary use of health data. This follows the European Commission’s proposal for a Regulation on the European Health Data Space (EHDS), that is now in negotiated in the trilogues.. The proposal aims to promote the use of health data to improve healthcare, research, innovation and decision-making, and to help people manage their own health data.

Development work benefits the whole ecosystem 

The FinHITS project focuses on the development of digital services that are central to Findata´s operations, such as the e-service, the national data catalogue and Kapseli environment. One of the most important areas of development is the information system that will connect not only Findata’s services but also its customers and the data controllers who maintain the data. In addition, by sharing experiences, Finland will inspire and help other member states to build their systems and avoid unnecessary pitfalls. 

One-of-a-kind project for Spinverse with Findata 

The funding experts from Spinverse specialised in health sector supported Findata during their funding application process by providing concepting, proposal writing and budgeting services. The project is an unique initiative and has an European wide impact on the implementation of the EDHS.

Development Manager Maari Parkkinen from Findata says: "Collaborating with Spinverse proved to be a seamless experience, underscored by their profound expertise in EU funding issues. Their valuable insights and understanding facilitated the refinement of our application.”

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