Looking for ideas and partners for your next ECS project? Meet Spinverse at the Chips JU-ECS Brokerage Event on 20-21 February 2024

The ECS Brokerage Event 2024 in Brussels combines the brokerage activities of the industry associations AENEAS, EPoSS and INSIDE into one vibrant networking event. The event is dedicated to project proposals in the field of Electronic Components and Systems for the Chips JU Calls 2024 for the non-initiative part (former KDT JU). Find Spinverse funding experts at this year's event on 20 - 21 February and learn more about the project proposals we are currently building with our clients.

The purpose of the Chips JU-ECS event is to gather the ECS community to discuss their project ideas and to network, build consortia and initiate the creation of project proposals. Spinverse is attending the event with a host of innovative project proposals on ICT as well as on digital health technologies.

At the event, you will be able to meet with Eeva Viinikka, Pirjo Pasanen, Jayden Khakurel, Panos Chronis and Anssi Savisalo from Spinverse who are available to discuss the upcoming project ideas we have the pleasure to support. Do not hesitate to get in touch with our experts at the event itself or afterwards if you are interested in learning more and joining these important projects as a partner!

Spinverse has been very active in recent KDT JU calls (currently known as Chips JU) and has successfully participated in the project preparation and project administration of six significant projects. At the moment, one interesting project for health technologies is also in the Grant Agreement negotiation phase.

Read more about our ongoing or recently completed projects applying to the ECS sector here:


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