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Is it time to service review the business model?

Make sure that your business model is as sharp as business model as possible by keeping it up-to-date and relevant. "We are living in very changeable times, and a regular review of business models is perhaps more important than ever," says Jonas Norrman, business model expert and Change Manager at IMCG, says.    

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Find your way in Horizon Europe

Are you interested in applying for funding from Horizon Europe? Finding your way through the EU portal can be complicated, but here are some tips on how the program is put together.
Horizon Europe is the EU’s research and innovation funding program with a budget of 95.5 billion Euros. One purpose of the program is to mitigate and adapt to climate change. We take a closer look at how the largest part of the program is structured.

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Annual review of business model and update of business plan

At this time of the year, IMCG is helping many clients with change management and business development. Based on business environment analysis, we review the business model together with the client and prepare a strategy for next year. Based on the strategy, the business plan is then updated with identified change proposals.   

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Investment in Smart Tourism – for a sustainable destination

During 2020, Göteborg & Co and Gothenburg won the title European Capital of Smart Tourism. IMCG helped implement the programme during the year and to launch many new local, national and European collaborations – where all of them have a clear link to sustainability and digitalisation. This was to further strengthen Gothenburg's position as a smart destination – open for smart tourism.   

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Create business abroad – Delegation trips open up new markets

Many companies have offerings that are just as suitable for the international market as they are for the Swedish market, which means it is interesting for companies to expand globally.
"It is both difficult and expensive for suppliers to enter markets abroad. However, with a delegation trip, where several operators collaborate, a neutral platform is created that can easily open doors," says Frida Barrett, Innovation Project Manager, IMCG, and recently responsible for a delegation trip to Chile.

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Funding CCS, Bio-CCS and BECCS

Society will be fossil free. Establishing the technology and value chain that are needed to capture carbon dioxide requires serious investments, but who dares and can invest in projects associated with risk? The European Investment Fund (EIF) does! During the summer, they went out with a call for projects that could demonstrate innovative technologies in this area.

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4.3 M€ to a solar energy project at Chalmers

The Chalmers researcher Kasper Moth-Poulsen's unique solar energy system, MOST, has been granted just over 4.3 M€ in funding from the prestigious EU programme, Future Emerging Technologies (FET) within the Horizon 2020 framework. "This project would not have been possible without IMCG's professional help. IMCG was involved from the start and helped me to identify funding options, how to find good partners, how to structure the project and how to present all this in the proposal," Kasper says.

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