Write a winning European Innovation Fund (EIF) proposal

In March 2023, the next deadline for proposals for funding from the EU's Innovation Fund closes. This means it is high time to start work on the proposal. Do you need help? Get help from someone who can. 

"At IMCG, we have, together with Granitor, many years' profound experience of all the ingredients that go into a well-baked EIF proposal. We balance the project owner's needs to develop and find funding for the individual project, and at the same, time we take into account the EU's goals for the fund – large scale roll-out to meet the 1.5 degree goal and sustainable growth," Magnus Andersson, IMCG International, says.

The European Innovation Fund (EIF) is a funding programme for demonstrating at full scale innovative technologies that will help to reduce emissions of greenhouse gases. The first calls were published in 2020. Now, new calls will open soon for major projectsThe deadline for proposals is in March 2023.
During the first period's proposal process, only seven of 311 proposals received financing from the EIF when it came to so-called major projects. One of these successful proposals concerned Stockholm Exergi with the project, BECCS Stockholm. IMCG, together with Granitor (previously Midroc), had the privilege to support Stockholm Exergi's internal resources during the proposal process.

"Granitor is the technology consultant that puts together the large sustainability puzzle along with IMCG, where we support our clients in their transition journey," Mikael Kullman, Granitor, says.

Together, IMCG and Granitor have expertise in the important areas that are central for the proposal, for example, its main documents; feasibility study, business plan, operational capacity, degree of innovation and knowledge sharing plan.

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