Success for the EU proposal – the Shift2Rail project now rolls on

In the innovation project, In2Track3, within the  Shift2Rail programme, the Swedish Transport Administration entrusted IMCG for the project development and the proposal for EU funding. The project proposal was approved and In2Track3 was granted EU support of 11 M€.   

The ambition of the Swedish Transport Administrationis to increase its international commitment and, thereby, apply for and participate in more EU projects. IMCG has been engaged by the Swedish Transport Administration to provide support in the EU proposal process, where the first assignment involves a proposal in the Shift2Rail programme.

Thanks to funding experts from IMCG, the research project In2Track3 was granted 11 M€ in EU funding – and, moreover, received the highest rating that the EU Commission can give.

"A large part of the evaluation is based on the benefit that project can generate in relation to the grant that the EU pays out. There, we succeeded, together with the Swedish Transport Administration's coordinator, Pernilla Edlund, and all of the project's expert partners, in proving that In2Track3 creates great benefit on many different levels," Johan Emanuel, Project Manager and financing expert at IMCG, says.

Pernilla Edlund, Project Manager and coordinator for In2Track3 at the Swedish Transport Administration, agrees and points out that working with the EU proposal and holding together a collaboration between 28 partners is complex. For this reason, IMCG was asked to help on this particular aspect.

"Writing EU proposals is a complex, burdensome and bureaucratic administrative procedure. It involves complicated EU financial accounting that is difficult to understand, where there is a need to hold together the big picture. We obtained great help from IMCG, which could assist with the competence, meaning we received EU support to allow us to perform the project."

In2Track3 is a research project and a continuation of the projects In2Track and In2Track2.

"In2Track and In2Track2 are the predecessors to our project, and there has been a great deal of research in these. We are already doing many things in the field today, where we test theories, build digital models etcetera. It is an iterative process, where we repeatedly change operations until the desired result is achieved," Pernilla Edlund says.

The work is now entering phase two, where IMCG is continuing the collaboration together with the Swedish Transport Administration to prepare the project start for In2Track3.

"We are now working with the EU's project office and the project's administrators to put together a contract with all of the partners," Annki Edström, Project Manager, IMCG, says.

In2Track's goal is to increase the sustainability of the European transport system, to develop the European rail system to meet current and future transport needs and also to strengthen the European railway industry. In2Track3 has been granted 11 M€ in EU support, the project group consists of 28 partner organisations in five European countries and the project start is set to year-end 2020/2021.

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