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The best European technology leaders awarded

Martin Curley of Intel Corporation, Marcel Wubbolts of Royal DSM and Jonathan O’Halloran of QuantuMDx have been awarded as European CTOs of the Year. All three are inspiring leaders who have paid special attention to sustainability and the creation of strong and broad technology collaboration communities. Based on their foresighted technology leadership, Europe has reached the forefront in three very different industries.

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'Growth companies for bioeconomy' - Pekka Koponen's column in Kauppalehti

Finland has started well with cleantech, and now the big companies are directing their R&D efforts from paper manufacturing towards bioeconomy. This new business sector would need growth companies to develop it further. Unlike the ICT sector that has received plenty of entrepreneurs and funding during the years past, the bioeconomy sector is dominated by global corporations and thus experience is needed to understand the name of the game. Also funding needs are different when bigger investments are needed already for the beginning. Public efforts should be continued and the services commercialized. In addition, new capital funding and venture capitalists are needed.

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Green growth provides new business opportunities

Green business offers a great opportunity to enhance global economic growth. Green growth leans on economically viable business models, which support the development of products and services with environmental benefits and reduce resource use and waste. Compared to traditional business models, these business models have a lower environmental impact. To these end, Green growth and eco-innovations have been given high priority on the agenda of governments and institutes such as OECD, UN and EC. In Finland, the Ministry of Employment and the Economy has recently started a strategic programme for environmental business.

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Spinverse Selected to Coordinate Tekes Green Growth Programme

Spinverse Oy has been selected to coordinate Tekes Green Growth programme (2010-2015; 79 M€).

The programme aims to support the generation of innovations enabling significant leaps in energy and material efficiency and to create foundation for the development of new value networks based on green growth. The vision of the programme is that Finland will have leading expertise and understanding related to sustainable energy and natural resources use. This will provide Finnish companies a competitive advantage in the international market.

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