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Nanocellulose based printed electronics bring new solutions for smart packaging and point-of-care diagnostics

Nanocellulose-based smart paper can replace plastic in printed electronics – Finnish partners have an important role in research project

EU is funding a large research consortia project to create a printed electronics platform from cellulose to replace plastic, and Finnish key players in the field VTT, Aalto University and Spinverse, are in on the action. INNPAPER, now half a year running, is fully backed by EU-funding as a so called RIA research project (Research and Innovation Action).

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Digitalising forest industry with Siemens and VTT

Does your company have a great product, service or technology that can radically transform the forest industry? Can you spot patterns in data that allow you to draw insights that others are not able to? Would you like to work with a global technology powerhouse, a leading European research and technology organisation, as well as the Nordic leader in open innovation management? Join the Digital Fiber Initiative today!

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'Growth companies for bioeconomy' - Pekka Koponen's column in Kauppalehti

Finland has started well with cleantech, and now the big companies are directing their R&D efforts from paper manufacturing towards bioeconomy. This new business sector would need growth companies to develop it further. Unlike the ICT sector that has received plenty of entrepreneurs and funding during the years past, the bioeconomy sector is dominated by global corporations and thus experience is needed to understand the name of the game. Also funding needs are different when bigger investments are needed already for the beginning. Public efforts should be continued and the services commercialized. In addition, new capital funding and venture capitalists are needed.

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