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FIMECC DEMAPP programme managed by Spinverse - Effective industry-driven PPP achieved great results with high impact

The industry-driven PPP, public-private partnership programme, FIMECC DEMAPP has created a unique competence platform and a variety of concrete energy, materials and cost-effective solutions boosting the competitiveness of the metals, engineering and cleantech industries. Focusing on need-based, application-driven R&D of advanced materials for extreme service conditions the programme has provided great results, both in terms of scientific novelty and high industrial impact, which were presented in the final seminar in September 30, 2014 at Kino Tapiola, Espoo, Finland.

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Novel solar thermal collectors combining materials technology, energy efficiency and architecture

Aurubis Finland Oy (former Luvata Pori Rolled Products) has developed a novel solution for energy efficient buildings. Their Nordic Solar concept now demonstrated in full scale in the Pori swimming hall opened September 24th, 2011 comprises solar thermal collectors embedded directly within the prepatinated copper façade elements. Their development on new absorption coatings made in the Tekes Functional Materials Programme guarantees effective heat transfer, but more widely it shows how target-oriented material R&D combined with understanding of the application needs opens new business opportunities in a short time frame, says Dr. Markku Heino, Spinverse, Coordinator of the Functional Materials Programme.

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Spinverse to Manage the Demo2013 Project

Spinverse started managing the Demo2013 project of The Federation of Finnish Technology Industries in August 2011.

The objective of the Demo2013 project is to create an integrated and comprehensive area in Port of Helsinki, Vuosaari Harbour based on fuel cells and to gain insight on usage of fuel cells in energy production. Demo2013 is an umbrella project for several company R&D projects. The aim is to have different fuel cell applications of several companies in simultaneous operation during the latter part of year 2013 and demonstrate a collaborative long term field test of noiseless and emission-free energy applications. Results will be based on user experience and feedback the field tests. Applications include power plant, material handling equipment, backup power, light vehicles and a hydrogen refueling station.

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