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Spinverse collaborates with Ponsse and Epec in FORWARD’27 ecosystem for creating sustainable work machinery

Ponsse, a leading manufacturer of forest machinery, and its technology company Epec, have together launched the FORWARD´27 project which aims to significantly reduce the emissions and environmental impact of mobile work machinery used in forestry and other heavy industries. The 10M€ funding granted by Business Finland challenge for leading companies will help the FORWARD’27 ecosystem develop solutions for intelligent, zero-emission vehicles for off-road and commercial use. Spinverse supported Ponsse and Epec in the project preparation phase and is now contributing to the management and coordination of the FORWARD’27 project, which had its launch event in September 2023.

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Kiilto's SUPER Healthy Buildings Ecosystem: pioneering sustainability and wellbeing in the construction industry

Kiilto, a leader in the construction and building industry, has embarked on an inspiring mission to reshape the sector with their groundbreaking project, the Kiilto SUPER Healthy Buildings Ecosystem. Spearheading this ambitious endeavour is Raija Polvinen, Chief Ecosystem Officer at Kiilto, who is dedicated to addressing the pressing environmental challenges faced by the industry head-on. Spinverse supported Kiilto with their successful funding application for this co-innovation project, securing 3 M€ for this project.

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Spinverse helped Herantis Pharma secure EIC Accelerator funding to prepare Phase 2 in their treatment for Parkinson’s disease

Herantis Pharma Plc (“Herantis), a company developing disease-modifying therapies for Parkinson’s disease, announced the signing of a grant agreement with the European Innovation Council Accelerator. The funding will launch project ReTreatPD, which will focus on preparations towards a Phase 2 clinical study with HER-096 in conjunction with Parkinson’s disease. The project includes development of biomarkers for monitoring target engagement and treatment response to HER-096 molecule. 

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Health sector projects at Spinverse promote wellbeing and research initiatives

Making a positive impact on people’s well-being and treatment of diseases holds true for our customer projects in the health sector. We have witnessed strong growth in public funding for the health sector, and we are excited to have an opportunity to be part of various important projects that aim to tackle some of the most pressing challenges in the health sector. 

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ASCERTAIN — from project idea to Grant Agreement

We talked with our customer, Professor Carin Uyl-de Groot from Erasmus University Rotterdam, on taking upon the role of Project Coordinator in the consortium project that recently secured funding from Horizon Europe. Together with nine partners, Erasmus School of Health Policy & Management, has now launched the ASCERTAIN project aiming to improve the affordability and sustainability of innovative health technologies. She reflects on the role of Project Coordinator and the successful funding application process towards Grant Agreement.

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Spinverse helped Komatsu Forest in securing funding to build cutting-edge solutions for sustainable agriculture and forestry

A new project takes productivity within agriculture and forestry to the next level. The AGRARSENSE consortium will develop European state-of-the-art technologies in electronic components and systems for future needs, building European resilience in critical sectors and strongly contribute to sustainability targets and climate change mitigation. Spinverse supported the successful funding application of AGRARSENSE Coordinator Komatsu Forest. With the three-year project starting and bringing together a consortium of 52 partners from all over Europe, Spinverse team now provides AGRARSENSE with project coordination services.

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Spinverse supported Mirka to secure 10 M€ in Business Finland funding to develop net carbon negative solutions for industries

Rapid economic growth, urbanization and excessive material usage pose a significant threat of an increasing manufacturing footprint. Mirka, a Finnish manufacturer of surface finishing solutions sees an opportunity to develop new innovative solutions to support the green transition in cooperation with the Finnish industry. Spinverse helped Mirka in the successful funding proposal for this unique project, first of its kind in Finland. Spinverse now starts to build and facilitate the ecosystem together with Mirka.

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Spinverse supported the ENDOTARGET consortium to secure EU funding of 7 M€ to study the role of systemic endotoxemia as driver of chronic inflammation in arthritis

The EU has awarded funding of 7 M€ to an international consortium led by Helsinki University Hospital (HUS) to study the significance of gut microbiota as a driver of chronic systemic inflammation and the role of microbiota in the pathogenesis of rheumatic diseases.An additional 1,8 M€ has been granted by the Swiss State Secretariat for Education, Research and Innovation (SERI).Spinverse supported the consortium in the proposal preparation. The ENDOTARGET project will start in January 2023.

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Business Finland’s Veturi programme for leading companies enables Tietoevry to build Trusted Digital Societies

Spinverse works with Tietoevry in running their Veturi programme and ecosystems, aiming to develop affordable, accessible, and trusted digital services for citizens globally. Spinverse supported Tietoevry in securing the funding of 20 M€ from Business Finland and is now supporting Tietoevry to run the various activities in this vibrant programme. The programme is part of Business Finland initiative to solve some of society's most pressing challenges through increased research, development, and innovation investments in Finland.

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