Welcoming new talent in Energy team and Spinbase sales

This spring, we are delighted to welcome Axel, Nicholas and Michael to the Spinverse team. They bring with them new expertise in the Energy team and for Spinbase sales.

LILLIESTRALE_Axel_hi-res-1Axel Lilliestråle (B.A.) joins the Spinverse Energy team as an Analyst, reporting to Miguel Lopes. Axel has two bachelor’s degrees from Uppsala University in Sweden - one in food science and nutrition and another one in philosophy. These stemmed from his interests in food, nutrition and animal rights. He has been working in many smaller companies within the green food sector, and most recently, Axel worked as a case handler at the Swedish Innovation Agency Vinnova, where he evaluated applications from sustainability potential and economic feasibility. Axel is now excited to work in an innovation consulting company on the other side of the table, so to say. As for personal interests, Axel enjoys martial arts, literature, films and geography. Axel could also be considered a part-time sinologist with deep understanding about East Asian affairs with regard to history, culture, language and geopolitics. Axel is based in Stockholm. 

Michael Schuh (former NATO officer) joins the Corporate Development team as Sales Manager for Spinbase, reporting to Niklas Weckström. Michael was raised in the southern region of Germany and possesses a 20-year career background as an officer in the German Air-Force. During his time there, he pursued studies in computer science and economy. Guided by his values of integrity and loyalty, he has gained extensive expertise and valuable experience across various domains. In 2007, he was honoured with a release from his diplomatic duties in Brussels by NATO and subsequently relocated to Espoo, where he worked for software companies. Utilizing his skills in marketing, sales, and business development, he made significant contributions to generating multi-million Euro revenues. Outside of work, Michael enjoys engaging in sports, music, and spending time at his summerhouse in the breathtaking nature of Finland. As a salesperson, his aspiration is to foster a positive company culture and drive revenue growth and success. 

Nicholas Mellor joins the Corporate Development team as Sales Manager, reporting to Niklas Weckström. Nicholas has quite a diverse background from a professional athlete to entrepreneur. He studied ICT and graduated from Wakefield College University Centre in the UK. For the past twelve years, Nicholas has been working in software subscription sales (SaaS) for customer service and digital sales solution startups and scaleups in the Nordics. His main focus in business development has been customer acquisition and opening new markets; in recent years he has been working with AI-related products such as chatbots and automation tools. In his spare time, Nicholas enjoys spending time with his family, and in nature, as the camping is great in Finland. Another passion of his is working out in mainly Olympic style weightlifting where he has also started to compete since last year. 

What a great trio of new colleagues - warm welcome to Spinverse!

Main photo:  Nicholas Mellor and Michael Schuh.