Lill’s reflections on growing Spinverse’s presence in Sweden

As summer holiday 2023 approaches, I enjoy taking a step back and reflecting on what has happened since last summer. It has been an eventful journey indeed!

A year ago, me and my 10+ colleagues went to our daily work at IMCG International at Odinsgatan in Gothenburg. An exciting company with a strong commitment to make the world a better place. By helping companies and organizations in a very concrete way towards a more sustainable future, it was easy for all of us to find motivation. However, we did have one major challenge – how to best help our clients as the need for our services grew faster than we did. Or as my grandmother would have put it: too much to do, no one to send!

Today, we are Spinverse Sweden and have relocated to our new office at Lilla Bommen - still in Gothenburg. Roughly 900 km east of us, we have over 80 talented colleagues at the Spinverse headquarters in Espoo, near Helsinki. This diverse group of consultants possesses expertise in various exciting fields. While some provide similar services to ours, others bring new knowledge and perspectives to our clients.

When becoming part of another company, it’s always hard to predict what it will mean. From the internal perspective, you always know there will be challenging processes, new IT software and the classical group dynamics turning out to be true once again. But from the external perspective - what it will mean for our clients and partners - that is harder to predict.

Now, nine months after the acquisition, it's time to draw conclusions. And the most evident realization for me is that 1+1 does not equal 2, 3, or even 4. It's more akin to 27. Allow me to explain.

As part of Spinverse, we can now offer a wealth of expertise to both existing and new clients. Our access to a broader range of knowledge and networks, as well as our increased experience, sets us apart. We are a versatile group with diverse perspectives, and this exponential growth in our capabilities renders 27 a surprisingly modest figure.

Spinverse has a dozen of structured teams with different kinds of expertise such as Health, Manufacturing, ICT, Electronics, Bioeconomy, Energy, Industrial Investments, Project Coordination (PCO), Defense, Smart Cities and Mobility. In those areas we support our clients - leading companies, public sector, universities, and institutes - to build big, innovative international projects all over Europe. All sharing one aim: solving global challenges. We help creating projects, we help in securing public funding, and we support in coordinating the projects.

As time goes by, we will grow each area of expertise also in Sweden. For instance, after summer we are happy to establish the Health team as we’re bringing in our first Swedish colleague. Spinverse Health team has already a strong position in Europe, and we’re eager to see how we can contribute developing innovative Health projects from the Swedish market perspective.

We’re on a very exciting journey. This past year, we have gone from being “we” in Sweden and “them” in Finland to “us” at Spinverse. To quote one of the most well-known Swedish entrepreneurs, I would say we’re right in the middle of “Glorious future, the most is still undone”. We warmly welcome you to join us on this remarkable journey.

This was written by Lill Andréasson, Country Manager for Spinverse Sweden.