Learning on the job in action - Joni’s say about #SpinverseCareers

At Spinverse we want to empower our people to continuously learn and improve. Our people also tend to have a certain curiosity and hunger towards learning new things every day, but that’s just how we Spinversians are.

We facilitate people growth with active talent & career management and in the past years we have built examples of concrete career paths and tracks to inspire Spiversians’ career development.

Here is what our employee, Joni Turunen says about his thoughts and feels about his job and his career development at Spinverse. He has been a part of our team now for 4.5 years and counting. Joni works as Senior Project Manager in our Europe-wide open innovation projects.


Before Spinverse Joni started out his career at CERN in Switzerland, estimating costs of future accelerators. At the same time Joni did his master’s thesis and finished studies at the Tampere University of Technology and after that moved back to Finland. After graduating he worked for a while in a small company specialised in funding consulting.

Joni has worked at Spinverse since 2014. He first started as an Analyst, soon became a Project Manager and then a Senior Project Manager. His career from junior to senior moved quite fast forward.

Joni says he’s been eager to learn new things from the start, and according to him this is not just learning new things, but more about getting answers to his questions and satisfaction to his curiosity.

He has always been keen on tech and new innovations and in his job he enjoys getting to hear what’s going on in the industry day-to-day.


Joni mentions that a thing he enjoyed most when starting at Spinverse was that you get to actually juggle ideas and thoughts with your colleagues and that way learn new and really make the most out of the on-going projects.

”We spar and support each other with my colleagues”, Joni says. ”We have reviews on our cases on a regular basis and pass on what we’ve learned.”

Hence most of the learning and developing happens on the job in action. The fellow Spinversians with an amazingly wide experience from different industries and sectors as well as our versatile clientele provide endless inspiration for broadening your know-how.

What is more, Joni works with multi partner open innovation projects that bring together a bunch of interesting people and experience.

”It’s an inspiring part of my job, that I get to learn about different technologies and parts that the innovations we work on consist of. For example a pacemaker or a wave power generator consists of many different technologies that can also apply to upcoming projects and innovations.”


As digitalization is pushing different industries to build ecosystems that are traditional in the software business, Spinverse has grown an extensive know-how on them. In the near future Joni is eager to get to learn more about building open innovation ecosystems.

Joni also mentions innovation competitions, that Spinverse has held recently. Joni has been working on a global innovation competition in collaboration with Valmet and says that it’s really intriguing to hear among the first people what kind of innovations the contestants come up with. The competition is focusing on safety and efficiency and looking for ambitious ideas to make Valmet’s future field services safer and easier.

He would like to work with these competitions sometime soon again, because they are a great way to find the freshest solutions and interesting partners to perhaps work in collaboration with in the future.

Joni says that he believes Spinverse is an ideal workplace for a talent like himself also in the future. ”During my four years at Spinverse we have been able to modernise our processes and tools all the time to answer better to our clients’ needs”, Joni says.

”I can also see myself in a humane work environment, where you don’t have to work 80 hours a week and burn yourself out. At Spinverse we consciously haven’t gone into that direction”, Joni states.

Spinverse has focused on open innovation projects that have a global impact. ”What’s really cool about my job is to be among the first people to preview the newest world-changing innovations”, Joni says.