Three Nordic technology companies joined forces to create a more sustainable transportation fuel

Bridging the gap to economically feasible fuel ethanol from Nordic wood – Spinverse helped three Nordic companies receive over 2,8 M€ of EU funding.

Terranol (Denmark), Sekab (Sweden) and Kanteleen Voima (Finland) received over 2,8 M€ of funding from EU’s Fast Track to Innovation (FTI) programme, with Spinverse’s help. In this project taking place in 2019-2021, CoRyFee, a novel fermentation concept will be further developed and demonstrated in a near-industrial scale and prepared for further commercialization.

The new technology will help answer the demand for more sustainable fuels in the transportation sector, which is still heavily reliant on fossil fuels. While electric vehicles are expected to bring significant emission reductions in the future, complementary renewable fuels are required especially for the purposes of heavy and long-distance transportation. It is also readily compatible with existing vehicle engines and fuel distribution networks. Ethanol based on lignocellulosic biomass does not involve crops that would otherwise be used for food, and it can be produced in Europe, thus reducing the need for imported fuels. Being feedstock-agnostic, the technology will enable use of soft- and hardwood, feedstocks that cannot currently be effectively utilized by any available technology.

Terranol and Sekab are planning to make the high-performing technology commercially available shortly after the project, and Kanteleen Voima is considering the technology for their new Nordfuel facility in Haapavesi. Upon successful completion of the project, the technology has the potential to become the primary fermentation technology used in fuel ethanol plants.

“Spinverse helped us clarify the project concept to take the technology forward, as well as create a compelling storyline to stand out among other applicants in the highly competitive FTI funding scheme”, says Birgitte Rønnow, PhD, Co-founder and CEO of Terranol.

Fast Track to Innovation (FTI) is a funding scheme that supports close-to-market innovation activities, such as piloting, systems validation in real-world working conditions and validation of business models.