The growing team of Spinverse supports customers on their journey towards a sustainable transition

Back in August 2022, Spinverse joined forces with the Swedish company IMCG International AB to extend Nordic leadership in innovation funding consulting. A few months in, IMCG co-founders Magnus Andersson and Jonas Norrman now discuss the strong impact the strengthened Spinverse team is making through the customer projects in the Nordics and elsewhere in Europe. 

ANDERSSON_Magnus-squareMagnus Andersson sees the joining of forces as an important step to provide current and new customers with even better support on their journey towards a more sustainable business.

He says: “The experts in Sweden, Finland and other European countries bring to the table their collective expertise on a variety of sustainable and digital industries as well as health technologies, Smart Cities, ICT, industry investments and defence.” He continues: “In addition to industry expertise and collaboration with universities and RTOs, the extended Spinverse team holds a proven track record on successful EU and national funding application proposals, total worth more than € 1 billion. The teams can offer management, coordination, administration and facilitation services for their projects to technology-driven and innovative clients. Support in grant negotiations is also possible. In addition, finding partners for consortiums and building ecosystems are areas where we are strong.” 

What Magnus has identified as a common denominator in both companies is a strong drive to contribute to a sustainable future of Europe and wellbeing of its citizens. More often than not, employees value their workplace as being something where you can really make a difference and give your contribution in solving pressing global challenges. 

Strengthening the Spinverse team and service portfolio 

Spinverse has ambitious plans to expand the service portfolio for the customers in the Nordics and beyond. Many new industry and public funding experts will be recruited in Sweden, Finland and elsewhere in Europe to meet the growing needs of customers who want to grow and transform their business with national or public funding.

In Sweden, Spinverse is currently looking into supporting major hospitals in their research and development projects by extending the learnings gained in Finland within health technology or life science projects. In Finland, Spinverse has supported several health tech related consortium projects such as CleverHealth Network (project led by HUS Helsinki University Hospital and facilitated by Spinverse) and Long Covid (Spinverse is one of the partners). 

Extensive funding instrument understanding 

According to Jonas Norrman, energy transition continues to be an important area where expertiseNORRMAN_Jonas-square on EU instruments focused on alternative fuels and related initiatives is in high demand. For instance, IMCG helped secure 180 M€ funding from the EU Innovation Fund for the Stockholm Exergi CCS project which will reduce carbon dioxide emissions with 800 000 tons per year. At the same time, Spinverse in Finland is very active in national industry organisations such as National hydrogen cluster. Further, when it comes to circular economy, it is about supply and demand, and not so much about value chains but value circles. It is all about understanding how our valuable resources are being used again and again. 

Jonas reminds: “The collective expertise and complementing elements of both organisations in preparing successful project proposals for significant EU funding instruments such as Horizon Europe, Horizon 2020 and Innovation Fund increases Spinverse’s overall capacity and systematic approach to serve the clients throughout Europe.”  

To sum up, Magnus highlights some impactful projects IMCG has had a large part of in Sweden — and will now continue the work as Spinverse. The CELSIUS initiative on district heating and cooling, the first Lighthouse project in Europe, was designed and executed partly by IMCG who also supported the project participants in reaching investment decisions. The CELSIUS project was considered by top EU officials as an instrumental project to form the EU policy framework within the energy sector. IMCG is also coordinating the Horizon 2020 project FlexiGrid with 16 partners all over Europe. The project aims to develop and implement new flexibility solutions to enhance the capacity of the electric power grid. IMCG also leads the work with impact management, exploitation, communication, and dissemination.

Main photo: IMCG team at the Spinverse office in Espoo with some Spinverse colleagues.

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