CleverHealth Network grows and results in new projects that tackle the challenges in health sector

CleverHealth Network has just rolled into its 5th year in operation and continues to bring together public health care, clinicians, large companies, and high-tech start-ups to co-develop intelligent and impactful solutions for health care, aiming to improve the quality of life for patients and work of the health care personnel. In 2021, CleverHealth Network was joined by two new partners Telia and Siemens Healthineers, and an interesting new co-innovation project to tackle the challenges of healthy indoor air during pandemic was launched. Spinverse continues to support the CleverHealth Network in facilitation, project communications and overall project management.

The pandemic boosted the multidisciplinary E3 project on indoor health safety

Helsinki University Hospital (HUS) is one of the partners in a recently launched three-year co-innovation project, which has received funding of 6 M€ from Business Finland. The project, with its origins in practical needs, brings together companies and research institutes to study how to create as safe indoor spaces as possible from the point of view of infectious diseases and pandemics. Ph.D. and a specialising physician Enni Sanmark from HUS leads the project at HUS and says that the uniqueness of the E3 project (Excellence in Pandemic Response and Enterprise Solutions Co-innovation) lies in its wide representation of participating companies and research organisations spanning over multiple disciplines.

The E3 co-innovation project involves 23 companies of different sizes, and seven research institutes. The project is characterised by a strong research basis and the subprojects involve themes such as the development of smart building related technologies, creation of models for the pathways of aerosols and airflows, monitoring people flow, studying pathogens, transmission routes and different diagnostic methods, learning about technical solutions and evaluating and developing related equipment. In addition to HUS, the other public research actors in the project are Helsinki University, Tampere University, Tampere University of Applied Sciences, VTT, Finnish Institute of Health and Welfare (THL), Finnish Institute of Occupational Health and Finnish Meteorological Institute.  Tamlink Oy acts as main coordinator with the help of Spinverse experts who focus on facilitation of the company driven three use cases and specific communication actions.

New members to the CHN ecosystem strengthen the capabilities in AI expertise and commercialization of digital solutions in the health care sector

Last year, CHN welcomed Siemens Healthineers and Telia to the ecosystem.

Siemens Healthineers in Finland provides the CHN partnership with their strong expertise on the development and commercialisation of digital solutions in the health care sector. Ossi Koskinen,  the Corporate Key Account Executive at Siemens Healthineers says: "The extensive data lake of HUS is unique, and the innovation activities are extremely vibrant. The global expertise on imaging solutions provided by Siemens Healthineers brings a new piece to the partnership puzzle and we hope it will speed up the co-development within the CleverHealth Network.” Siemens Healthineers wants to be part of the activities where more seamless and patient-centric care paths are being created. The decision-making tools enriched with AI developed at Siemens Healthineers are used to treat prostate cancer and lung cancer, for instance. As the imaging and diagnostics needs increase, the decision making within care paths need to be accelerated to avoid bottlenecks in care and delays in treatments. The strong background of Siemens Healthineers as a developer of AI solutions plays an important role in these collaboration activities. 

Telia brings to the table strong IT infrastructure capabilities, data analytics expertise, network platform understanding and experience from earlier health care projects in the public sector, for instance. The partnership in the CleverHealth Network led by the Helsinki University Hospital (HUS) will support Telia’s goal to accelerate digitalisation also in health care. Henri Harmia, Head of Strategy, Product Area IT services from Telia envisions: ”In the future, I hope to see that the collaboration with the CleverHealth Network showcases revolutionary remote solutions benefitting thousands of citizens in the HUS region. I hope to see solutions of such brilliance that they can be exported to other Nordic countries, at least. What’s more, I envision them to integrate such an advanced digital process that can be scaled-up — safely and efficiently in the network.”

Spinverse facilitates the CleverHealth Network

The aim of the CleverHealth Network is to create better care for patients and export product and service innovations developed by Finnish companies. Spinverse’s role in the CleverHealth Network is to facilitate the collaboration between ecosystem partners and help the project activities roll towards their goals.

According to Principal Consultant Markku Heino from Spinverse, the pioneering work done at CleverHealth Network with HUS clinicians and key experts of the ecosystem partner companies starts showing real impact. He sums up: “Together, we have been tackling critical challenges in health care and creating new solutions utilizing data, for example for the treatment of acute leukemia, brain disorders, home dialysis and gestational diabetes. Data is in a key role to solve the complex challenges, but the main success factor is the working mode, co-creation by highly multi-disciplinary groups of experts.”

More information: CleverHealth Network website