Spinverse built an AI Catalogue to bring together academia and industry within the ELISE network

Research organisations focused on the multiple applications for Artificial Intelligence may not always find the right channels nor partners to commercialise their innovations. Finding the right business partners within industry may often prove as one of the obstacles to enter the markets. A project within the ELISE network is now addressing this challenge by launching a Catalogue that provides cherry-picked information on European research organisations focused on AI research, thus making it easier for academia and industry to find the right partners for a fruitful collaboration.

For innovations to find their way to markets, collaboration between research and industry is essential and mutually beneficial. Both parties are lacking time and resources but joining forces will help in making progress in commercialization.

Spinverse is one of the actors providing support to Elise Work Package 6, which focuses on fostering and promoting collaboration between research and industry. As one of the measures to promote this activity, Giancarlo Pastor, Malin Tverin and Diederick Stellingsma from Spinverse have created an extensive catalogue providing the most essential information on approx. 87 European research organisations from 28 different countries engaged in AI-related research.

The AI Catalogue provides a one-stop-shop on the topics of expertise, selected publications, selected projects and study programmes in AI, including the contact information of each research organisation. Giancarlo Pastor says: “It has been an interesting undertaking to bring all the organisations into one place. The large number of organisations involved in AI research in Europe shows the huge potential of commercialisation of the applications, once the partners in research and business are brought together. We hope that the catalogue is one of the steps in building a bridge to a stronger collaboration between research organisations and businesses.”

The AI Catalogue was launched on 20th March 2023 and is now available online on the ELISE website.

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