Insights from Spinverse’s new CEO Fredrik Nyman

We reached out to Fredrik Nyman to learn about his first impressions and expectations upon joining Spinverse. Fredrik shared his initial thoughts and strategic vision for the company as a new custodian of growth and innovation.

When we asked Fredrik Nyman how he first felt about joining Spinverse, his enthusiasm is palpable. He describes Spinverse as an "extremely interesting opportunity." He says: “I am very excited to work for a company which has as its mission to solve global challenges, thus giving everyone a true purpose for their work.” His first interactions with the Spinverse board and management left him impressed by the high level of professionalism and education within the organisation. These qualities, he noted, fuelled his excitement to become part of Spinverse’s highly competent team. Upon starting his role, Nyman's expectations swiftly turned into reality as he took on the responsibility of further developing the company on its growth path as the new CEO.

Within his first few weeks onboard Spinverse, Nyman affirmed his expectations had been met. He says: “I am truly impressed by the ongoing projects and the dedication of the Spinverse people. For me at this initial stage, I want to place a high emphasis on listening. This is particularly important in a knowledge-based organisation like ours. I am committed to understanding our employee perspectives, giving them space to express themselves, which I believe will lead to more informed decision-making and improved growth levels.” He continues: “We have an organisation with a lot of ideas and nurturing these ideas will be key in my work.”

Fredrik has already observed how diverse Spinverse is and how people with different mindsets are eager to learn from each other in terms of education, new skills, ways of working and culture. Fredrik’s focus is therefore on the people and their unique competencies. The company's finances are obviously very high on his list, too, especially as Spinverse enters its budgeting period with the year 2024 round the corner. Fredrik wants to see Spinverse outperform the budget expectations for 2024, for which he will be the custodian.

Looking ahead, Fredrik’s long-term goal at Spinverse is growth – both in revenue and profitability. He aims to quadruple revenue and significantly improve the margin. Achieving these targets will involve increasing the number of employees, thereby enabling Spinverse to undertake more projects that address global challenges.

AI technologies play a significant role in Spinverse's growth strategy. Fredrik discusses the potential for AI to augment the expertise of the company's highly skilled employees, enhancing their capacity to innovate and tackle complex global issues. He is eager to learn more about how AI can be integrated into Spinverse's operations. Fredrik is optimistic about the company's head start in this area, supported by the efficient team of people dedicating their skills on developing the AI competencies at Spinverse.

Fredrik’s contributions will focus on strategy and ensuring the right actions are taken at the right times. He likened his role to that of a captain, guiding the team toward ambitious goals. Consolidating the market and establishing leadership in the field are primary objectives.

In closing, Fredrik Nyman highlights the importance of Spinverse's work in making a difference in the great challenges we face in the world today, particularly through health tech projects that significantly enhance people's lives as well as sustainability projects. With a keen eye on impact and a vision for a better future, Fredrik and the Spinverse team are set to make strides in innovation that could change the world for the better.