How Spinverse's Digital Industries generates customer value by leveraging AI

Building a consortium with over forty partners across the EU is complex, especially when you are combining the distributed R&D&I capabilities from corporates, SMEs, universities, RTOs and start-ups from 20+ countries. Patrick Halford, our VP, Digital Industries, discusses this challenge and our take on how to approach it.

Now, consider the challenge of building at least fifteen other consortia in parallel across domains including Health tech, Electronics & AI, Smart Cities & Mobility, and Defence. On top of building these new consortia, we are in parallel responsible for helping to project manage many other multi-year consortia projects that have already been funded.

In other words, we have a lot of customers, who we consider to be partners. Their time is extremely valuable. In fact, you could say that access to their resources is at a premium. Our customers are scientists, researchers, inventors, engineers, professors, and business leaders.

At Spinverse Digital Industries we get that, which is why our own teams are built from deep levels of scientific and industrial domain expertise in order for us to help our customers maximise their chances of success by joining our consortia.

Each consortia we build has to be designed and expertly woven, factoring in science, the need to deliver beyond the state-of-the-art, and financial and business model viability demanded by the funding agencies. 

Therefore combining forty organisations from across the commercial and research spectrum in 20+ countries takes skill sets.

What’s more, it also takes time. Time from our customers…and like I said, their time is at a premium. This is why we leverage emerging Generative AI capabilities to augment our expertise, and that of our customers, to accelerate consortia builds. This helps us minimise constraints on their time and drive higher quality faster in the consortia development cycle.

Our evolving set of Generative AI skillsets help us reduce risk for the consortia, as well as for individual customers. It also helps us welcome in new customers into our consortia faster and more effectively, bypassing previous critical paths that added risk to meeting funding deadlines.

Quote Patrick Halford

If we can give back our customers their valuable time, then that’s good for us and good for them. After all, they have a lot of science and business to drive.

European innovation is moving at a faster pace than many realise: it is just distributed across many countries and organisation types. At Spinverse we get to tap into it, and help accelerate it via the consortia we build by adopting the latest AI capabilities to enhance the services we provide.

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Written by Patrick Halford, VP, Digital Industries at Spinverse