How Spinverse approaches Learning and Development in the age of AI

At Spinverse, we are cultivating a culture that embraces the idea that learning never truly ends. People naturally lean towards a curiosity for new knowledge and an enthusiasm for our diverse community. We firmly believe that there's a wealth of wisdom to gain from one another. Therefore, adoption and exploitation of AI is not taking us by surprise, either.

Having said this, we know that technology-enabled learning is evolving fast, and our ambition is to leverage these new tools as they emerge to help our people adapt to evolving industry demands and stay competitive in the rapidly changing business landscape.

Personalised and adaptive learning

In the past, traditional training methods often followed a standardised approach, treating everyone as a homogeneous group. However, with the arrival of AI, workforce learning has undergone a shift. AI-powered technologies now enable personalised and adaptive learning experiences tailored to employees’ unique needs and preferences. We understand that each employee learns at their own pace and in their own style, and AI will help us accommodate these diverse requirements. This is what we want to tap into.

Our vision for the future of learning is no longer limited to a specific time or date. It's a dynamic, ongoing process where people have the flexibility to revisit courses and training material improving their skills as they progress. We are eagerly embracing these emerging learning paradigms that promote a culture of continuous growth. Our mission is to utilize learning platforms that will bring this vision to life.

Explore, discover and learn!

Our commitment to nurturing a culture of curiosity and learning is not just about delivering information; it's about instilling a genuine passion for knowledge and personal development. We are encouraging our people to explore, discover, and learn, within their roles as well as within the diverse tapestry of our community. Every individual brings their experiences and insights to the table, and we believe that sharing these diverse perspectives is key to our collective learning journey.

With AI as our ally, we are confident that we will continue to develop an environment where learning is a shared passion that unites us and drives us toward an enlightened and knowledgeable future. Our focus is doing learning right!

Written by Dijana Soininen, Head of People and Culture at Spinverse