Business Finland’s Veturi programme for leading companies enables Tietoevry to build Trusted Digital Societies

Spinverse works with Tietoevry in running their Veturi programme and ecosystems, aiming to develop affordable, accessible, and trusted digital services for citizens globally. Spinverse supported Tietoevry in securing the funding of 20 M€ from Business Finland and is now supporting Tietoevry to run the various activities in this vibrant programme. The programme is part of Business Finland initiative to solve some of society's most pressing challenges through increased research, development, and innovation investments in Finland.

Together with the ecosystem partners, Tietoevry wants to accelerate the development of trusted technologies, develop Finland’s technological know-how and help Finnish IT companies to build globally scalable business value from responsible data-enabled platforms. Tietoevry will focus on products and services with the Nordic touch - quality, trustworthiness, privacy, regulatory compliance, etc. Taking advantage of the strong position in the Nordic market and established global presence, Tietoevry can also help to change the whole Finnish IT sector towards more easily deployable and exportable business. Through the Veturi program, Finland can drive the global transformation and become the benchmark for affordable, accessible, and trusted digital services for citizens globally.

Hundreds of new jobs and new business through accelerated development of trusted technologies

Tietoevry´s Trusted Digital Societies programme has the following targets:

  • develop trusted data-enabled platforms, building on cutting-edge technology, to create scalable business value
  • co-create network business models together with the Finnish IT ecosystem, expanding in global markets
  • build re-usable technology modules and use open-source components to develop solutions faster and more cost efficiently
  • strengthen long-term industry and academia collaboration for future competitiveness

The ecosystem has a growing number of partners from universities and companies alike who collaborate on horizontal technologies and research themes as well as on the focused topics in Banking, Care, and Energy &City. By building joint technology capabilities, developing joint commercialization opportunities, and scaling and internationalizing of joint offerings, the programme is expected to create hundreds of new jobs and generate substantial new export business by 2030.

Spinverse supports Tietoevry in their innovation projects and ecosystems

Spinverse has a proven track record on successful funding applications on Business Finland challenges for leading companies (Veturi) and supported Tietoevry in the highly competitive funding application process. Upon successful completion, Spinverse continues to support the running of the Trusted Digital Societies programme in several areas of the programme and ecosystem management.

Christian Sundell from Tietoevry owns and drives the Trusted Digital Societies programme, with a strong ecosystem focus to increase the value of the development in the R&D and innovation. He says: “Spinverse has been very valuable in supporting us to manage the Veturi programme, specifically with their expertise on public funding for innovations and management of complex entities like ours. Spinverse is also our long-term partner for our publicly funded research and development activities in Finland and in Europe.”

Ecosystem Leader and Senior Project Manager Pentti Launonen is in charge of Spinverse´s activities with Tietoevry and is working as a project manager for the programme. He is excited to have a front seat in this innovation ecosystem where new digital services are being developed in collaboration with many innovative actors. He concludes: “We are very pleased to work with Tietoevry as their strategic partner in this Veturi programme where we can bring in our understanding on programme management and activation of the ecosystems.”

Do you have a business idea or an emerging technology solution in mind? Feel free to contact Pentti Launonen if you wish to partner to enable research and development of future impactful solutions. The Trusted Digital Societies programme is looking for partners of all sizes and types to establish industry changing ecosystems.

Read more about the Trusted Digital Societies project:

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