Appointment of Fredrik Nyman as CEO opens a new chapter on the growth path of Spinverse

Spinverse Group announces the appointment of Fredrik Nyman as the new Chief Executive Officer, effective from November 27th 2023. Fredrik brings with him strong experience from his 15-year career at LINK Mobility Group, a rapidly expanding tech company in Sweden.

In short: 
  • Fredrik Nyman has been appointed as CEO at an innovation consulting company Spinverse, effective from 27.11.2023
  • During his 15 years at a Swedish tech company LINK Mobility Group, Fredrik Nyman has helped the company grow from a start-up to a global player with 750  employees
  • Spinverse Chair of the Board Jan-Mikael von Schantz welcomes Fredrik Nyman to Spinverse and extends his warmest thanks to Niklas Weckström who served as the acting CEO since June 2023. 

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Fredrik's appointment comes as part of Spinverse's ambitious growth plan for the upcoming years. "We are continuously involving world-class experts and leaders to develop and implement critical industry and society transformations for the future," says Jan-Mikael von Schantz, Chair of the Board at Spinverse. "With Fredrik as the new CEO, we aim to add managerial experience and leadership from a company that has itself grown from its Nordic roots to a leading European player."

Fredrik Nyman holds a Master’s degree in political science from the University of Gothenburg and has worked in macroeconomics before joining LINK Mobility in 2007. He also serves as a board member for several growing Swedish tech firms. Fredrik is eager to lead Spinverse into its next chapter of growth and innovation.

"When I was approached for this position at Spinverse, I jumped at the opportunity," Fredrik says. "I believe the field of operations is both growing and exciting with dedicated employees and owners. I look forward to helping the company reach its full potential and I cannot wait to work with the Spinverse teams as we continue to mix our broad and diverse competence with our customers to shape the future. It is clear to me that together with our customers, we can make a true difference to the global challenges we face in this day and age.”

The company also extends its thanks to Niklas Weckström, who has served as the acting CEO since June 2023. Under Niklas' leadership, Spinverse has taken significant steps into the era of generative AI and initiated a major investment project for a new digital end-to-end platform. Niklas will continue his crucial role as the Vice President of New Business. He says: “I am both grateful of the opportunity given to me by the board during the past six months, as well as proud of our team for aligning our growth strategy with opportunities the fast developing technologies present. We have made significant strides and I will continue our collaborative efforts to ensure we remain competitive also in the future.”

Jan-Mikael concludes: "Please join me in thanking Niklas for his tireless effort and leadership as acting CEO, and in welcoming Fredrik Nyman to his new role as our CEO."

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