A boost of 213M€ announced for European circular bio-based industries for 2024

The Circular Bio-based Europe Joint Undertaking (CBE JU) continues to foster a sustainable, competitive bio-based industry in Europe with the announcement of its 2024 Annual Work Programme. The upcoming call for project proposals is set to allocate 213M€ across 18 different topics, aiming to stimulate innovation and growth within the circular bioeconomy.

A wealth of funding opportunities across diverse bio-based sectors

The CBE JU has outlined a comprehensive strategy to finance a variety of sectors within the bio-based industry, distributing the funds through three main action categories and for coordination and support actions:

Innovation actions (IA) – flagship projects

Three flagship innovation actions have been designated a substantial 20M€ each. These include projects focusing on the valorisation of sustainable oil crops, the development of bio-based platform chemicals through the cost-effective conversion of biomass, and the valorisation of sustainable natural fibre feedstock. These initiatives are geared towards establishing large-scale first deployments on the market of previously demonstrated but not yet deployed bio-based innovations.

Innovation actions (IA)

A series of innovation projects have been allocated 15M€ of funding per topic (two projects awarded per topic). These cover a diverse array of specific materials and applications, from bio-based materials for biodegradable in soil applications, sustainable microalgae feedstock, and lignin-based aromatics to "Safe and Sustainable by design" (SSbD) solvents, circular construction materials, innovative bio-based adhesives, and conversion of bio-based carbon emissions into bio-based materials. The goal is to drive the creation of new, sustainable products and processes that can be commercially scaled.

Research and innovation actions (RIA)

Research and innovation actions, with funding between 7M€ and 10M€ per topic (two projects funded per topic), aim to address specific challenges such as the valorisation of polluted wood waste, biotechnological routes to replace animal-derived products, bio-based crop protection, SSbD coating materials, and innovative food/feed ingredients. These actions are intended to advance knowledge and develop cutting-edge solutions.

Coordination and support actions (CSA)

Lastly, coordination and support actions have been allocated 3-4M€ for fostering new cooperation forms in agriculture and the forest-based sector, inclusive participation in bio-based systems, and supporting primary producers.

Key dates and additional information

Prospective applicants should mark their calendars for the CBE JU Info Day on 23 April 2024, which will be held in Brussels and offer substantial networking opportunities. This event will also be accessible online.

The call for proposals will open on 24 April 2024, with a deadline of 18 September 2024.

According to Director for Bioeconomy Kaisu Leppänen from Spinverse, the upcoming funding call offers related industries significant support to develop and scale up their technologies. She says: “The CBE calls are the most important annual public funding opportunity for the bio-based industries. This funding supports activities across the whole life cycle of bio-based innovations, from research and demonstration all the way to industrial deployment. Have a look if the call topics for the different project types match with your R&D&I agenda for the upcoming years.”

The CBE JU Annual Work Programme 2024 is a result of strategic collaboration between the European Commission, the Bio-based Industries Consortium, and various advisory bodies. It reflects a concerted effort to address strategic priorities and foster the growth of the circular bio-based industry in Europe, promising a greener and a more sustainable future.

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