Welcoming our new colleagues to provide expertise for industry investments, energy, digital services and health tech

In December, we welcomed yet a another group of skilled and experienced experts to the Spinverse team to enforce our service offering and competence in industry investments, energy sector, digital services and health technologies. Great to have you onboard Katri, Antti, Rodrigo, Sukant and Juho. 

Katri Joensuu (D.Sc. agriculture, forestry) joined us as a Consultant focusing on sustainability issues such as Greenhouse Gas (GHG) calculations and Lifecycle Assessment (LCA). She complements the Industrial Investments team led by Jani Peurakoski. Before joining Spinverse, Katri worked for 9 years as a researcher studying the environmental impacts of food and bioenergy production systems. With her work, she wants to promote sustainable practices in the society. 

Antti Rantanen (M.Sc. Econ.) joined Spinverse as an Analyst to support the Industrial Investments team led by Jani Peurakoski. He will be preparing proposals for different EU funding projects, mainly on the financial and business parts. Before joining Spinverse, Antti has wide experience in the banking industry as well as in sales and marketing. His latest experience in banking was mainly with liquidity management, reconciliation of accounts, and controlling payment systems. In his previous position, he optimised the ways of working by developing a new ticketing system for his teams’ task management and by creating Excel automation to decrease the amount of work and mistakes. 

Sukant Panda, (B.Sc. (Chem.), MCM, MBA), joined us as a Director, Digital, in the Corporate Development team led by Niklas Weckström. He helps companies in implementing business strategies into daily operations through digital transformation. At Spinverse, Sukant focuses on creating value through smart use of digital tools, platforms, technologies, digital services, and processes. Sukant has more than 20 years’ experience in designing, developing and delivering technology solutions for industrial and consumer service industries. Before joining Spinverse, Sukant was working as Head of Business Transformation to design, sell and deliver next-generation IT services powered by Artificial intelligence (AIOps) enabling intelligent IT & Business operations.  

Rodrigo Prodohl (B.Sc.) joined us as a Consultant for the Energy team, reporting to Miguel Lopes. Rodrigo brings to Spinverse his expertise in renewable energy and particularly offshore energy. He will be helping companies in preparing funding proposals under EU and national R&D&I public funding schemes in the energy sector. Rodrigo has worked earlier as the lead of the commercial team for Finnish wave energy company Wello. With a hands-on and proactive approach to managing projects, he led clients towards making impactful decisions to deploy offshore energy across the globe. During his career, he has worked with the management of funding proposals, procurement, investment project preparation, and techno-economic evaluations to determine the feasibility of clean energy projects.

Juho Vuononvirta (Ph.D.) joined Spinverse as Project Manager in the Health Technologies team led by Rohit Sood. His main focus will be in different EU applications, sales, and helping to build and scope collaborative projects. Before joining Spinverse, Juho worked as a research scientist at THL, followed by a move to London to work as a post-doctoral scientist at Imperial College London, Queen Mary University of London, and William Harvey Research Institute. During his academic career, he has gained a broad knowledge in respiratory science, immunology, and inflammation. He has been involved in planning and setting up an ongoing prospective cohort study (STEPS study) at University of Turku, to understand the precursors and causes of problems in child health and well-being by using a multidisciplinary approach. 

In photo from left: Sukant, Katri, Antti, Juho and Rodrigo. 

Warm welcome to our new colleagues — we cannot wait to work with you, but we are also looking forward to learning from you!