Welcoming Mukesh and Fanny to strengthen the Spinverse team

We are inspired by the fresh perspectives and talents that each new member brings to the Spinverse team. Today, we are delighted to welcome two new colleagues, Mukesh Israni and Fanny Groundstroem, who will contribute their skills and experience to our collective success. 

Meet Mukesh

Mukesh Israni, B.Tech in Polymer Tech, MBA, has joined us as Senior Project Manager in the ICT & Electronics team, reporting to  Pirjo Pasanen. With a unique talent for transforming pioneering technologies into thriving businesses, Mukesh brings over two decades of experience in driving projects to successful fruition.

As a pivotal member of the ICT & Electronics team, Mukesh is on a mission to catalyze European innovations to secure funding from the EU and forge winning partnerships within thriving ecosystems. Mukesh's astute intrapreneurial and entrepreneurial experiences have cultivated a deep understanding of the innovation landscape. His 20+ years of expertise and extensive networks make him a catalyst for driving European innovations to new heights.

Meet Fanny 

Fanny Groundstroem, M.Sc. in Environmental Sciences, has joined the Energy team as an Innovation Consultant, reporting to Miguel Lopes. She has broad work experience from academia, the public sector, as well as the private sector. Her knowledge spans over global energy markets, especially pertaining to geopolitics, international climate and energy policies, and sustainability and ESG issues, as well as climate change mitigation and adaptation efforts in the energy sector. She has previously worked as a senior research scientist, aiming at facilitating a just transition in the context of decarbonising the housing sector, and analysing the effects of EU policies on energy communities.

Fanny has also worked as a consultant specialising in climate change adaptation, with work experience from both Finnish, Swedish and EU-level projects. Fanny is also a doctoral researcher at the University of Helsinki, where she has been assessing the implications of cross-border impacts of climate change on the energy system in transition. Her thesis is currently under pre-examination. In her spare time, Fanny enjoys jogging with her silken windhound Blitz, exploring new adventures with her two kids, watching NFL redzone with her husband, and chilling with friends while sipping on a large pint, among other things. 

Warm welcome Fanny and Mukesh – it is great to have you onboard!