We have launched our new Spinbase website

New Horizon Europe programme, new website! We are very excited to announce the launch of a new website for our digital solution, Spinbase! New content includes a lot of valuable information for the future and current users, such as tutorial videos, frequently asked questions, support materials, and customer stories. The new website offers a good information package for organisations who are looking to improve their internal decision-making and processes regarding the identification of EU funding opportunities, partners, and projects.  

Amir Moslemi, our Business development manager, who is leading our digital solution offering Spinbase, believes that the new website was needed, because of the upcoming Horizon Europe programme and the importance of sharing the success stories from our current Spinbase customers. “We had the pleasure of offering our solution to many customers across the Nordics and Central Europe, and we are very happy to hear that Spinbase was able to bring added value to their teams. Now it is time to share this with our network as well!” Amir says. 

Amir believes that, with the increasing number of customers and users, and Spinbase being more attractive for new prospects, the new website was needed to answer this demand, and to provide the information for all the interested parties.   

What makes Spinbase different from traditional tools in this area? 

  1. Power of AI (Natural Language Processing): AI can read, understand, and analyze the whole text e.g., from your research abstract, or researcher Bio, and suggest you the right match. You are not limited to keywords.  
  2. Simple to use: Just type in or copy the text in any format 
  3. Find results from new domainsShowing results after analyzing Millions of inputs from tens of different databases. 
  4. Shortlisted resultsAI reads and analyses the text query, word by word (no matter how long it is) and semantically compares that (also the meanings of the words) with millions of data we have in our database, then recommends the best matching results.  
  5. Machine learning: The machine learning is re-trained each night as data is updated, to ensure optimal semantic modeling, and better results for the users. 

Want to learn more? Please feel free to visit our website and book a live demo at spinbase.eu