Warm welcome to new experts at Spinverse

Recent years have witnessed a steady growth in business and need for new experts at Spinverse. John Sperryn, Virpi Martikainen, Anssi Savisalo, Miguel Lopes, Aleksi Nieminen, Susanna Kiijärvi and Miisa Salmela are among the new team members who joined the ever growing Spinverse family in 2019.

Spinverse employees offer an extensive array of collective expertise and years and years of work experience. Meet our colleagues who joined Spinverse in the second half of 2019.

Supportive colleagues make the day

John started at Spinverse in October 2019 as Project Manager for Key Digital Technologies. He shares his broad experience in ICT and digital solutions with Spinverse clients. John characterises his first impressions with Spinverse team as follows: “Friendly, professional and expert colleagues and an instant warm welcome made me feel part of the team immediately. It is a busy work environment with often demanding schedules, but colleagues willingly share knowledge and ideas and are extremely supportive.”

Virpi and Anssi joined Spinverse to support the Digitalisation Program of Business Finland. A seasoned professional on project management and event management, Virpi is involved in the various coordination tasks required by the projects. Virpi appreciates her great colleagues and the fact that everyone is trusted to organise and execute their work independently. She is looking forward to learning more about EU projects in the future. Anssi has long experience in large public-private research projects which come to use, for example, in building joint offerings for export in Business Finland's projects.

Among the new recruits is also Miguel, who started as Project Manager in the Energy and Manufacturing team. He has expertise on innovation management, renewable energy and ocean engineering. “Working for Spinverse allows me to work with innovations on a wide scope. I am looking forward to helping companies to realise their innovation potential,” Miguel summarises. 

Taking each day as a challenge!

Aleksi Nieminen and Susanna Kiijärvi joined the SME team in the latter half of 2019. Aleksi started as an Analyst and works with innovative SMEs to help them secure EU funding through which they can quickly commercialise their ideas. Aleksi says: “I take every day to challenge myself and focus on learning something new. This job allows me to grow as a professional. What’s more, I’m surrounded by positive and energetic individuals who are all experts in their respective fields and are always willing to help out when needed.” Susanna, who works on multiple SME funding projects, shares Aleksi’s sentiments fullheartedly. She adds: “We work with passion and dedication to reach the best possible outcome for our customers while helping and supporting each other in every turn.”

Miisa, a year 2019 graduate from Corporate Environmental Management started at Spinverse as an Analyst in the Sustainable Industries team. Her expertise and interests lie in circular economy and bioeconomy with special focus on the new innovative wood-based products. Miisa says Spinverse has given her responsibility from Day 1 and offers an encouraging working environment with a personal learning curve. She finds her coworkers “fantastic and knowledgeable and who are ready to support your learning.”