Spinverse led smart city ecosystem expanding

LuxTurrim5G ecosystem led by Nokia and Spinverse is building the digital backbone of smart city. Based on the smart 5G light poles developed recently, now the focus of the joint development of key high-tech companies and top-notch research groups is set on piloting the fast 5G network and developing new data driven services for the real needs of cities. Through a two-year, EUR 26 million, intensive co-development effort the group of 26 partners target the global smart city markets worth tens of billions of euros.

The first phase of the LuxTurrim5G project, which ended in May, successfully developed the 5G smart pole concept, which integrates the 5G base station, weather and air quality sensors, video cameras, monitors electric vehicle charging unit and other active devices. The good results and the first pilots at the Nokia Campus in Espoo, Finland have attracted a lot of interest around the world and given the LuxTurrim5G ecosystem a boost for further expansion.

A number of new companies are joining the second phase of the development which brings together key experts of various fields to develop and evaluate new solutions for e.g. 5G radio technology, data processing, materials, sensors and urban design. New service concepts and business models are being developed e.g. for transport, logistics, energy management, urban infrastructure, health and safety, and network operations.

This extensive joint development coordinated by Spinverse consists of two closely related projects: LuxTurrim5G+ focusing on the productization of the smart pole concept and extension of the 5G smart pole pilot network in Kera, Espoo, while the Neutral Host Pilot project focuses on data-driven business and service development, intelligent network construction and operation models.

“We are excited to boost the LuxTurrim5G development to the next level. Several new companies have joined the co-creation work bringing a lot of important competences. With this highly committed group of 26 partners, and actually well more than 100 experts working closely together, we can take the next steps towards commercial pilots of the smart poles and development of new service concepts”, says Markku Heino, leader of the LuxTurrim5G ecosystem at Spinverse.

Our home town Espoo aims to be Europe's most sustainable city and carbon-neutral in the 2020s. Clean technology solutions will be developed and implemented with partners to support sustainable growth. Together with businesses, the city is at the forefront of smart urban development, climate work and the circular economy.

“The new Kera area is the first place on the city rail line to build the smart city of the future. There is a need for sustainable urban development that can be enabled by digital platforms. Together with our partners, we are actively developing smart and clean solutions that enable sustainable growth,” says Jukka Mäkelä, Mayor of Espoo.

”Both mobile operators and cities would like to have a common data platform, which does not yet exist. We now have a great opportunity to join forces and bring together smart light poles and data platform to boost the sustainable development of urban areas,” says the LuxTurrim5G ecosystem leader, Juha Salmelin from Nokia.

The LuxTurrim5G ecosystem plays an important role in Kera's development. The modern Kera, which will be built in the coming years, will provide a significant pilot ground for new smart city solutions, which will also pave the way for larger international projects.

Spinverse coordinates the LuxTurrim5G ecosystem efforts with a team of three seasoned experts. Dr. Markku Heino as the Ecosystem leader, and the two projects have dedicated Project Managers: Dr. Pekka Torvinen for the Neutral Host Pilot project and Senior Project Manager Joni Turunen for the LuxTurrim5G+.



Partners: Nokia Bell Labs, Premix, Teleste, Vaisala, Indagon, Ensto, Rumble Tools, Orbis, Tehomet, Destia, VTT, Aalto University, Tampere University

Neutral Host Pilot

Partners: Nokia, Sitowise, Caruna, Vaisala, AINS Group, Link Design & Development, Vedia, Agora Networks, Sensible 4, Espoo City, Finnish Transport and Communications Agency Traficom, Aalto University, VTT, Helsinki University


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