Spinverse has its mind set at the future

Spinverse helps to refine an innovation into business — we know where large companies are going to be in five years’ time. Laura Koponen, Managing Director and D.Sc. (tech) is proud of her incredibly brilliant employees. There are over 10 employees with doctorate degrees and people with solid experience from working at various technology companies, amounting to hundreds of years put together. Even though there is a good representation from industrial engineering and management at Spinverse, there are also a few economists and chemists: “We recently hired our first architect!”   


Spinverse carries out projects with listed Finnish companies such as Fortum and Kone, innovative small companies like an enzyme manufacturer MetGen and international brands such as Lego. At the moment, one of the ten projects is related to the smart city ecosystem LuxTurrim5G, where the main partner is one of the world’s biggest players, Nokia. The fast 5G network based on smart light poles developed within the ecosystem creates a platform enabling super-fast telecommunications connections, diverse data management and digital services required by a smart city.

”At a global level, the business potential is considered worth tens of billions in euros at least,” Koponen explains.

The project, which recently got an additional funding of 26 million euros from Business Finland, brings together over twenty different players. In addition to Nokia, there is Sensible4, known for its self-driving robot bus, and Sitowise, the company behind modern 3D tools for city planning and Vaisala, famous for its comprehensive weather and air quality services. Spinverse acts as the driver of the cooperation between these companies.


”Our role is very traditional: we have helped to define the common vision, targets and the project plan, which is used as the basis to apply for funding. We deal with the communications and promote the realisation of the exciting project”, Koponen explains and continues, “It is very gratifying to see how the cooperation flows between such a big number of companies.”

Are you interested in a career at Spinverse? We are constantly recruiting new experts and five summer trainees for 2020.

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