Spinverse experts help tackle global challenges with customers

Spinverse is growing at a steady pace and by early 2022, we are most likely to hit the mark of 80 employees. Read on to find out what kind of work our experts do. Could you be our next public funding professional to join Spinverse — stay tuned to many open positions with us in the upcoming weeks!

Spinverse is specialised on helping customers renew and grow through innovations. Our experts help organisations to collaborate, get public funding and make an impact with their innovative products or services. We work across a number of industry segments and focus on areas where there is public funding available to stimulate innovation.

Driving digitalization and sustainability with our customers

We are proud to be able to contribute to projects that drive towards common goals to make this world a better place: oftentimes our projects are related to digitalization and sustainability in the areas of bioeconomy, circular economy, smart cities, built environments, health technologies, energy and manufacturing to mention a few examples. Our customers vary from large corporations to RTOs and disruptive SMEs. We also help build and manage consortiums and ecosystems of varying sizes.

The professionals at Spinverse are highly educated with working experience in a wide variety of industries and technology knowledge, offering a unique combination of innovation consulting, leadership and project management. We have a lot of international professionals from more than 10 countries, and our company language is, you guessed it, English.

Innovation consulting and project management at the core of what we do

The majority of our experts work at Spinverse in customer projects as consultants or project managers, having varying levels of seniority. Our junior colleagues support the projects as analysts. It may first seem that we mostly help customers prepare a successful funding proposal, but we can actually offer much more than that. Our funding experts can help crystallise the project objectives and business strategy, find suitable partners and provide coaching for pitching. What is more, Spinverse team can also help in identifying the matching funding calls for new projects, or support organisations who are only getting to know the growth opportunities of public funding.

The customers who have succeeded in securing funding for their project can also benefit from our expertise when the project starts. If needed, we can continue the collaboration by providing project coordination and management services to ensure an efficient project kick-off and keep it running smoothly. More often than not, publicly funded consortium or ecosystem projects are about managing complexity: there could be many partners involved and this is where we excel: we can ensure efficient communication between project partners and help identify common goals. We are also familiar with all the regulations and reporting requirements involved with EU funded projects.

Each customer project is unique and different skills are required. Sometimes the focus may be on efficient communication and dissemination on the project, and other times, coordination or subject matter expertise is needed. Spinverse teams can provide diverse skill sets for all these areas.

Did you get interested in working at Spinverse? Follow our Careers page and LinkedIn, as we are currently looking for many new experts on project management, consulting and public funding to join us! 

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