Promotion news: Congratulations to Diederick, Johannes, Jani, Elisabeth, Germain and Janne

We are so delighted to celebrate the newly announced promotions for our colleagues. Warmest congratulations are in place.  We love to celebrate successes and this time salute the following colleagues of ours: Diederick, Johannes, Jani, Elisabeth, Germain and Janne. You all rock!  

In the main photo from left to right:  Janne Kaukojärvi, Jani Peurakoski, Germain Courtois, Johannes Ahvo and Diederick Stellingsma

Digital Industries business unit 

Diederick Stellingsma, M.Sc., (Business), is promoted to Project Manager. In his work, Diederick shows great initiative and has taken upon himself to manage a large consortium project Energy ECS with our Key Customer, Tietoevry. He has significantly contributed to the smooth dissemination and communication of the project.  In addition, Diederick has already taken up Project Manager’s responsibilities in project proposal preparation and participated in sales.  

Johannes Ahvo (B. Soc. Sc.) is promoted to Consultant. During his career at Spinverse, Johannes has proven himself to be a versatile, trusted and well-liked colleague who is able to cope with a wide range of challenging tasks. Johannes has successfully worked with several projects such as CTO Forum and SNS project proposals. In addition, he is actively involved in process development. As his special field at Spinverse, Johannes is our go-to person when it comes to EU policies. He continues to relentlessly educate his colleagues on this topic, for which we are very grateful.  

Sustainable Industries business unit 

Jani Peurakoski, M.Sc. (Econ.) is promoted to Director, Industrial Investments. Jani has played an instrumental (sic) role in delivering an ever-increasing number of Innovation Fund instrument projects. His financial expertise is well received by our customers and Spinverse colleagues alike. Jani continues to build and grow the Industrial Investments team, which currently boasts 10 consultants already.  

PACKALÉN Elisabeth 1024x976Elisabeth Packalén, M.Sc. (Econ.), is promoted to Project Manager. She continues to demonstrate her ability to jump into different kinds of projects with successful results. Her contribution to Innovation Fund projects in particular, has yielded very positive feedback from customers. Elisabeth will now take on more responsibilities as a project manager, but we truly hope she will continue to keep her skills on financial models and business planning available for the rest of us.  

Germain Courtois, M.Sc., is promoted to Innovation Consultant. Germain has demonstrated a very central role in the projects related to both the small-scale and large-scale Innovation Funds, and he has become quite the expert in this instrument. He is also an active member of internal projects for the Sustainable Industries team, and a colleague with a positive attitude and willingness to share and collaborate.  

 M&A development 

 Janne Kaukojärvi, M.Sc. (Eng.) is promoted to Manager, Business Development. During his career in recent months, Janne has had a strong role in coordinating the sales part of the integration of IMCG International with Spinverse. He has also impressively contributed to the sales of the business units and taken an active role in developing Spinverse’s internal processes.  

Congratulations to everyone, keep up the great work!