Newly launched EU Funding Playbook helps companies get started with public funding

The extensive funding expertise of Spinverse came to good use when Technology Industries of Finland, Chemical Industry Federation of Finland and Finnish Energy requested Spinverse to help them create an easy-to-read website about EU funding. Aptly named as EU Funding Playbook, the approachable and visual website aims to help companies get a good overview and practical tips to the exciting and somewhat complex world of public funding.

EU programmes and funding instruments can offer companies a number of opportunities to collaborate with other companies and to apply for funding to enable growth and go to market. Applying for public funding may still be considered bureaucratic, complex, and time-consuming. Information may sometimes be hard to locate. Technology Industries of Finland, Chemical Industry Federation of Finland and Finnish Energy wanted to help Finnish (and other) industries and companies to provide a one-stop shop for a good overview on the opportunities of public funding and to lower the threshold to apply for it.

Something for everyone

The newly published website provides practical information on the public funding options, explains on why to apply and how to apply and goes on to describe what happens when the company has succeeded in getting funding. There are also some Finnish success stories from companies who have succeeded in their funding application. The website focuses on the most relevant funding instruments under Horizon Europe and Innovation Fund, thus catering for SMEs and large enterprises alike.

The organisations involved with the project hope that the provided information will benefit many kinds of companies and organisations who are not yet so familiar with public funding. Hopefully the information will encourage companies to take the next steps to apply for funding. Mervi Karikorpi, Head of EU Innovation and Industrial Policies at Technology Industries of Finland says: “During this fast-paced project, Spinverse was very attentive to our requirements and implemented the website based on our wishes. We are very happy with the end result.”

Spinverse CEO Laura Koponen comments: “This was a fun project where we could roll up our sleeves and put our collective expertise to the colourful pages of the website. This will be an excellent introduction to the world on funding also to our new employees.” Big thanks go to Antero, Anna, Veronica, Eerika, Maarit and other colleagues who contributed to the project together with our customers, making this happen.

Launch event on 2nd of March 2021

To mark the launch of the EU Funding Playbook, Technology Industries of Finland, Chemical Industry Federation of Finland and Finnish Energy are arranging an online kick-off event where Laura Koponen will be one of the guest speakers, introducing the Playbook to the audience. The event will include short overviews of the Horizon Europe and Innovation Fund calls given by Elina Holmberg of Business Finland. The event is in Finnish.

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