Matti Kuusisto celebrates 15 years at Spinverse!

Spinverse has again a reason to celebrate, as one of our long-term team members, Vice President Administration and Legal, Matti Kuusisto, reaches a significant milestone of 15 years with the company. This achievement shows his unwavering dedication, hard work, and invaluable contribution to Spinverse's success.

Throughout his career at Spinverse, Matti has held various senior positions within the company, including Senior Consultant, Director of Operations, CFO and VP Administration and Legal. 

Matti's extensive management-level experience in innovation management, international technology co-operation, financial management and corporate governance has made him a seasoned professional in the industry. His achievements and contributions have significantly contributed to making Spinverse a leading player in the industry.

To celebrate his long career at Spinverse, Matti has been awarded a 15-year anniversary recognition by the Finnish Chamber of Commerce. Upon receiving his anniversary pin. Matti says: ''My journey with Spinverse has been an exciting one, starting from a small team of 10 to now being part of an international company with over 100 exceptional colleagues. My various roles have given me a unique vantage point to observe the business from different angles, and I'm grateful for this valuable experience.''

As the Spinverse team raises a toast to celebrate Matti's exceptional career, we express our gratitude for his invaluable contribution to our success.

Congratulations, Matti, on 15 years of excellence at Spinverse!