Introducing Spinverse Summer trainees 2021

We know the warmest time of the year is not far away when our summer trainees join Spinverse to support our experts over the summer holiday season. This year, we are proud to introduce Maria Heinonen, Heidi Melkko and Joonas Paukkunen as our summer trainees. They were selected in our virtual recruitment event from more than 150 candidates.

Summer trainees are an important addition to the Spinverse team in the summertime, when the rest of the staff takes their holidays and yet, things need to keep rolling. We hope to be able provide these young graduates an interesting stint in the working life with new learnings on different tools and a peek into the fascinating world of innovation consulting.  

Maria Heinonen is joining the Digital Industries Business Unit as a summer trainee. She is a Genetics and Molecular Biosciences major from University of Helsinki with experience in biosciences. Maria is interested in new innovations, entrepreneurship and how bioinformatics and genetic research can be used to solve problems in health care and other areas such as environmental issues. She has gained experience working at Terkko Health Hub and is completing her Master’s Thesis at Folkhälsan.

Heidi Melkko is joining the Sustainability Industries Business Unit as a summer trainee. She is an Electrical Engineering major, specializing in Telecommunications from Tampere University. She has gained some working experience as a Production worker in a factory. She is interested in computer networking and software engineering.

Joonas Paukkunen is joining the Support Team as a summer trainee. Joonas is an Industrial Engineering major from Lappeenranta University with experience in the banking industry. He is interested in data analytics and has completed an exchange period in Seoul, South Korea.

In addition, we have our more seasoned trainees Emilia Paltta and Miki Lehto joining as this summer as well.

Warm welcome to Maria, Heidi, Joonas, Emilia and Miki – we are looking forward to working together!